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need some urgent help

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well im not sure if this is the right place to post this post but u can move it if u like


i have just bought a bike....well a scooter (102cc)

it takes me to coll everyday .....

and i wanted to paint it ...with some really good graphix maybe 2-3 colors ...

so i started designing in pdn ..but i had a lot of crazzy ideas ...

so i thought y not i give a chance to evrybody here to help me out

im attaching a few pics of the bike ...

and if anybody could do something wid it or give me some idea ......it wud be great

i wanted a simple yet attractive looking paint job. not too much  detail . with just 2-3 colors .any  good ideas wud help too .

a few pics from picassa to show you how the scooter looks















if you donot have the time to render the pic ...just an idea wud do ...

thanks ppl ...

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Lock this thread please.
With a comment like that, I'm tempted not to. We don't mind to a certain extent members pointing out the Rules where appropriate, we don't, on the other hand, appreciate being told what to do; we are not your servants at your beck and call.

With that being said, this is a graphic based plea in a non Paint.NET-related section, a request better asked in a suitable area of the Pictorium, like here, the Image Hospital: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=22617. Or, sherwin, you could create your own gallery, post some of your own drawn ideas first and ask for criticism and improvement. You must remember that you cannot create a gallery for the sole purpose of asking for assistance. Read the Guidelines also to familiarise yourself.

See you in the Pictorium, sherwin! :)

Topic locked... not by request

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