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"There was an error reading the file from the media."

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I attempted to open a PDN file and this is what popped up.

The last time I had the image open, it was fine. But then I tried to close the file, and a window came up asking me if I wanted to End Program. I chose to. Then I rebooted my computer.

I can't access my image, and since it's the only copy of what I was working on... I'm kind of screwed. Is there a way to fix this?

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Saving a back-up usually saves a whole lot of hassle. It would be even better if you could save to a different drive location in case of malfunction of your primary device. For the more important pieces, I for one save onto a removable USB drive, some I've heard burn onto compact-disc, and others use online storage such as Microsoft's SkyDrive.

It won't help you now in this instance, but in future you'll be relieved with the knowledge that you have a copy to restore to.

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