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Miscellaneous Contest II: Icon Pack - Crimson Wins

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Miscellaneous Contest II: Icon Pack - Voting

Deadline Reached


4. 0 Votes - Ego Eram Reputo

3. 2 Votes - Jake2K

2. 13 Votes - Expired

1. 14 Votes - Crimson (Winner)


In this competition you will need to produce several icons.

Discussion Thread

Icons Required

  • [*:ogpg6gam]A "my computer" icon.
    [*:ogpg6gam]A web-browser application.
    [*:ogpg6gam]A word processor.
    [*:ogpg6gam]A spreadsheet.
    [*:ogpg6gam]A presentation program.
    [*:ogpg6gam]An email client.
    [*:ogpg6gam]An image-editing application.
    [*:ogpg6gam]A video file association icon.


  • [*:ogpg6gam]Icons must be made using Paint.NET; any stock used must be listed in the post. Images created with other applications count as stock and must be linked to in the same way.
    [*:ogpg6gam]Other icons can be produced but keep in mind to produce quality over quantity.
    [*:ogpg6gam]If you do not have icons for each item listed number of votes will be halved.
    [*:ogpg6gam]The deadline is 10th July 2008; entries can be edited until then.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok, two days to go and no one wants to be first. So here goes....,

I call these my Glow-In-The-Dark-Icons:


I'm using symbols from the webdings and wingdings font for the base and applying simple effects from there. [edit] I have just released the plugin I used to create the symbols, you can find it here: WhichSymbol [/edit]. The lower images show the icons at their planned 64x64 pixel size (the black box is 64x64 to give an idea of scale).

I often need to wring a few quick icons out in quick time and this is my usual method. If you can't figure out which icon is which, I've not done my job very well have I ? :(

Surely you guys n gals have something better to show off by now?

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Fine. I'll post mine next.


^^Click for a slideshow of larger (300x300 px) individual icons.

The Applications I created icons for were (in order):

My Computer

Internet Explorer


iWork - Keynote

iWork - Numbers

iWork - Pages

Microsoft Paint (such a lousy program does not deserve such a sexy icon. :|)

Windows Media Player

USB Drive


Go ahead, stare in awe, I won't mind. :wink:

[offtopic] This is also my 200th post. Lolz.[/offtopic]

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Well, I was going to hold off until the deadline, but since Crimson has already posted ... heck, why not?

The original plan was to make extra icons, but:

1) I didn't know where to start.

2) I got lazy. Again. 8)

So, all I've got is the 8 required icons. I don't care if it costs me points. Crimson, your icons are looking good, I see you pulled them together with a color combination of dark gray and green. I, on the other hand, have produced icons with a light gray and blue-cyan color scheme. :)

This is gonna be a rough competition. And we still await Jake's entry.

Anyways ...


Click for a link to the .PDN file containing all 8 icons, each on its own, separate, conveniently named layer.

No, the "glassy" parts are not actually translucent, they will stay the exact same shade of blue on any background color.

No, I don't have a fancy slideshow or anything.

One stock.


Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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