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The Girl Who Will Change the Internet

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I think laws are based on the general public's needs, correct? In this particular situation, the girl was depressed and had issues. Had it been a regular girl, then I doubt it would have ended the way it did.

People choose how they react to others - you choose to be angry, or happy about things. If my brother were to get me mad, I'd probably use some form of physical/psychological abuse back to him. However, if my boss got me mad, I would probably keep my mouth shut, and try to fix whatever he's yelling at me about. It's about how you react.

In my opinion, like many users have already said - it isn't illegal to be a jerk.

[i've run into a mental blank on me thoughts about this, I will continue my argument later] :P

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Wow. That's really sad. :/ How could a grown woman, a parent, be justified about doing something. Did she think it was "funny". That's sick.

Meghan isn't even ugly, a matter of fact. She's quite the opposite.

But, I have to admit.. I did fudge the age on my myspace. See for your self. LOL

But is me making a joke age as bad as if I were to lie about being a chick or liking the same gender to make a joke to someone I even know?!? Let alone when I grow up.

Really sad.. :(

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A screen name is just a screen name. Any decent-quality website asks for your real name and then lets you choose a screen name. I have no problem being accountable for my actions/words, but I still prefer to use a screen name. Conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this, saying that the elitist media have use stories like this to destroy internet anonymity, and thus kerb the freedom of speech. I think they are on to something.

Let's pretend for a moment that I'm a emo teenager and I cut my wrists with a kitchen knife because my favourite sideways-haircut 'rock' band broke up. Does that mean the band are to blame? Should kitchen knives be banned? Stupid people do stupid things, and ruin it for the rest of us.

Great parents. They did everything to protect their daughter except teach her to use her brain and face up to life. They controlled every element of her life instead of teaching her to control it herself.

This kind of soft, overprotective parenting is just as bad as tough or negligent parenting. Honest and engaging parenting is really the only kind of good parenting; The kind that teaches kids to face up to reality, rise above idiots like Lori Drew, and understand that what happens when you're 13 is ancient history by the time you're 15.

I'm 28, and I can barely remember anything or anyone from those days. (except the time that tramp tried to molest me until my friend snuck up behind him and whacked him over the head with his skateboard ROFL!)

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It's times like these when the world would be a better place without people like "Josh" AKA "Lori". Also I don't see why people would be saying she is ugly because she is really a pretty girl. People should think of what they are saying, and know what the consequences will be.

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I remember when this story was on the news.

This really isn't supposed to be a two sided story.

The defendant is completely wrong.

The defendant shouldn't have stepped in for her daughter.

It's not a fair argument.

Child vs Adult, when an adult has a psychological advantage over the child?

Her parents knew she was on MySpace, and I'm not saying they're faultless in this situation, but Lori should've exercised better judgment.

Okay, two children are having a dispute.

But that doesn't mean you have to take it up with the child.

People need to grow up.

And if she did, she wouldnt be in this predicament now.

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Twenty minutes later, Megan's parents enter her bedroom to find that Megan has hanged herself with a belt from her closet.

"Josh Evans" did not exist. The boy the Meiers felt was largely responsible for what happened to Megan was an invention. He was created by a woman in their neighborhood. A woman on their street. A woman named Lori Drew.

Upon returning home from the meeting, the Meier’s took to the foosball table in their garage with an axe and a sledgehammer. They dumped the obliterated remains into a box and dropped it off on the driveway of the Drew’s with the message, "Merry Christmas" written on the side.

Some of the main points of the article...That aggravated me the most.. If It was me, I wouldn't only destroy it with an axe, but I would've thrown the pieces through the Drew's windows, and most likely would've killed the wife, or at least hurt her a lot. (If anyone killed my daughter, I most likely would go crazy. -_-)

That story seriously needs to be said in school. I mean, mothers against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) are already going to schools, but I think this should be put into presentations nation-wide, and even in some towns within Britain. At least give out the Drew's IP Address so all the real hackers could mess up her computer. :|

P.S - I would be looking at about 20 years in prison if making fake e-mail accounts and aliases on the internet turned illegal. Depending on the charges lol...

P.S.S - I probably wouldn't go crazy if someone killed my daughter, considering how I don't have one. -_-



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lol it funny you say that but me, well the story makes me mad enough to do damage to Lori. So if I did have a daughter and this happen, I got a feeling I would be doing life.

Things I don't understand in this story is what she was charge with.

3 counts of Accessing Protected Computers Without Authorization

umm what. You access your home computer and it's a crime. Ok you go to a website like myspace using IE or FireFox and it's a crime.

I think not, you have full rights to your computer. Accessing public websites are ok as well as they are public for you to access others wise you have to hack into them. It like grabing WiFi from the dude next door to you. If his WiFi is not locked then he knows he is letting the public have access to it and notthing can be done about it. But if it is locked and you hack in / crack the password. Now you got problems.

If anything she should of got charge with 3 temps of assult and abuse on a child using the internet as the media to commite the crime.

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At least give out the Drew's IP Address so all the real hackers could mess up her computer. :|

So MySpace give out the personal details of one of their users to the public (probably illegally) with the intention of the information being used for criminal activity so that vigilante crackers can confiscate her equipment as a punishment and extend the resentment between the defandant and the family of the victim?

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They could silently leak it

If that becomes public the only thing they'd have to do is fire a random person that they didn't like anyway and blame him/her for the leak

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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Didn't read this whole thread, just the article.

I'm iffy about this, yes they're terrible people for picking on the girl, but she could've had more self control than to go and hang herself. I used to get picked on a lot throughout elementary and middle school and it caused me to be really anti-social for awhile. Not to mention a tad awkward. I bottled my feelings up and never got therapy, yet I never went and killed myself or even thought of it.

And anonymity is a need on the internet. It has come in really handy before. As for using the internet to do illegal things, some of us actually need to if we want to get a head start on things in life. For example, some people, like myself, may want to pursue a career in digital art and wanted to get familiar with industry standard programs that were expensive, but out of our reach due to finances...


Anyway, I'm not worried about it. Legislation like this won't go through for a long time, if ever. And even if it does, it'll be another unenforced law. It'll be too hard to monitor and it'll take too long to rebuild the internet from the ground up to support these laws.

I mean, where I live, fireworks are illegal, yet there are still fireworks shops and people using them on the fourth of July. If the government can't take down a few shops and give citations to a few people for using explosives, what makes you think that they'll be able to enforce a law that covers the entire internet?

And not only that, some nations are stricter than others. You can't enforce something like that internationally. The world is too populated to get everyone on the same page. One reason world peace is too damned hard to achieve, sadly. :P

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