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[request] Tech banner

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I think I can try to convert it for you, just give me a little time and I'll give you the results :P

[Work in Progress]:

Header with "Tech-Look":

Translated from PhotoShop, by request:

First, start up with a new image, with the size which best fits your purpose.

After that, choose the color you'd like to use as a base. Choose the color as your primary clor, and choose a lighter/darker variation of it as your secondary color.

Select the :GradientTool:, then select the :LinearReflectedGradient: option for it, and start creating the gradient in the middle of your image. (Hold shift while doing the last step to make it perfectly horizontal).

Next up, create a new layer, and select the :EllipseSelectTool:.

Mark up a circle in the middle of the image, choose "subtract" as your selection mode,

and create a smaller circle in your first one.

After that, choose the :RectangleSelectTool:, still with "subtract" as your selection mode, and make a thick line throughout the middle of the circles.

Alternatively, after making the first circle, you can subtract an egg-shaped circle from the first one.

Then you'll end up with this:

Next, fill the selections with white, using the :PaintBucketTool:.

If the selections are very rough, you can use one of the blur effects to smoothen it a little.

If you want it to be as perfect as possible, you can use the "Align Object" plugin to center the circle in the middle of the picture.

Then, duplicate this layer and resize it.

Place it close to where you want your link to be, and select the :LineCurveTool: with 1 pixel width.

Make some similar lines to this, on a new layer.

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They tell you the colors to use, as well as the gradient.

The rest can be done using ellipses (with a rectangular section removed from the center), align object, flipping layers horizontally, panelling, and scanlines.

I played with it for about 5 minutes and got this far...I assume you can make the lines and add the text.


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