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JK- FlexShot's Gallery / Back in Bussiness


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Not much here yet, but will try to add more as I learn more about my beloved Paint.Net :D

Anyways, here's the first additions to my gallery ;)

Constructive criticism will be appreciated 8)


Universal Sunset: (From 2 stock images)




Inspired by the "Make a desktop and paper!" tutorial :P




Some old piece I've had lying around for a while :P


And here's a request for a friend, which I recently did:


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Your pencil looks very realistic(I never tried to make one) and the letters on the last pic look pretty cool.

Actually, I didn't make the pencil, nor the eraser :oops:

I was lazy at the time so I just decided to search up on google to find it :roll:

Just a simple blur, maybe some minor editing for the pencil, but the eraser was more of a hazzle.

Didn't knew it was such hard work to find pictures of erasers, so had to tweak it some :mrgreen:

And about the letters, do you mean my signature or the last picture of the post?


I'm pretty sure this is the picture of the pencil I used, as I just looked it up.


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I meant these letters :mrgreen:

EDIT: yes, the letters from your last pic :roll:

Hehe, thanks for clearing that up :roll:

If you wonder how it's made it, just ask, as it's simple enough.

At least when you got fonts to help you on the way :mrgreen:

Nice! I like the one under your desk and paper!

Thanks :wink:

Simple enough to make, with a little portion of luck :roll:

Not 100% sure how to recreate it, but can try when I get time later ;)

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  • 3 months later...

Hehe, first off, sorry for the double post :roll:

But haven't really been active these past months, other than the occassional lurking around the forums ^^

Think I'm gonna be able to find time for some more Paint.Net in the time to come, but back on track:

Uploaded 3 new pictures, at the bottom of the thread, and also,

I've gone over to Photobucket, as I find it easier to manage than ImageShack :)

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