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Glitch with paste

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Whenever I paste a picture from the internet, a few pixels on the left side of the screen copies over to the right side.

It always occurs after pasting from internet, though not when pasting from a file.

This covers the whole height, but not quite sure how it is with width, but it's about 2-4 pixels.


- Otherwise Paint.Net owns!

The best graphics editor I've used by far :D

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I just did some more investigating, and found some unexpected answers :S

After reading your post, I decided to try to change browser, as I use Opera.

When I copied/pasted pictures from Internet Explorer 7, it worked fine, but the problem still

occured when I tried to do it from Opera.

I tested the same pictures from both Opera and Internet Explorer 7, and I also tried with .jpg's, .gifs and .bmp's,

all with the same result.

Not sure if the problem is on the Opera side or Paint.Net.

If someone got FireFox they could try this too.


After reading the other related thread, I decided to try to paste from Opera to Paint, which worked fine without problems. I guess that proves the problem is on the Paint.Net side.

Also, the problem mentioned in the other problem includes pictures taken with "Print Screen".

Also, I could experience the same problem when pasting from "Print Screen".

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Bug still remains with Paint.NET Build 3.51.3610.35022. I was going to post this on Mozillazine, but it appears from what is said (especially as same with Opera) that it is a PDN problem only

I am cross posting this with a reference in paint.net, as I am unsure where the problem lies

If images are copied (rightclick/copy Image) from firefox and pasted into paint.net they are corrupted.

A vertical strip 3 pixels wide is deleted from the left of the copied image. This three pixel vertical strip is added to the right of the image, offset vertically by one pixel.

The images save OK, it is only when copying and directly pasting.

Using windows XP.

Happens at least on images on this forum, in facebook and in some forums.

I tried it with copying from internet explorer into paint.net and it works correctly.

I tried copying from firefox into MS Paint and it works correctly.

This indicates that firefox is copying in a different format to IE, and that the format firefox is using is accepted by MS Paint but not by Paint.net??!! or something.

I have no idea how the clipboard functions, what format images copied in or how to access the raw clipboard data to further identify where the problem is occurring.

Here are images of the mozillazine google search image magnified *4



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