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Feature Request: Window Merging (Like GIMP)

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Wait wait wait: are you saying the Paint.NET UI is to cluttered? And you would rather have GIMP UI qualities? The Paint.NET UI is amazing, and the GIMP UI is cluttered, disorganized, and doesnt make sense.
Although I agree that Paint.NET is better overall compared to GIMP, there are some features in GIMP that I think make the UI more usable. We shouldn't be dismissing ideas just because they're different or from GIMP.

I agree that Paint.NET's floating windows can cause clutter when they overlap the canvas. (Yeah, there's a workaround, but workarounds aren't going to make an "amazing UI".) Merging windows would definitely help reduce window clutter. However, it probably won't be easy to code.

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I hate the UI of gimp and love the UI of pdn.

before i came to paint.net i tried gimp, but the UI was too complicated and the tabbar was so full of windows ->i hate gimp, not the features but the UI

edit: if you find the ui better, why don't you use it? if you like the UI it is more powerful than pdn ?!

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