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Clone Stamp Tool bug

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I'm using the latest Paint .NET 3.31 and found an issue with the CLONE STAMP TOOL. If I press CTRL in an area I want to start cloning and then begin my cloning near the selected area, Paint .NET starts to "paint" what was previously there. For example... lets say you have a large number 10 as a JPG image on a white canvas background. Now you CTRL select the white background above the 0 to clone (let's say we want to clone over the 0). If he left click and HOLD the mouse button down over the top portion of the 0, the clone will start to wipe over (erase) the 0 with the selected white background (that area which we selected to clone). Now as we move down to finish "erasing" the 0, if the clone source area comes anywhere near or on top of the original location of the 0, it will actually start cloning the 0. I think this is a bug, because the 0 has been erased in that area and Paint .NET still sees the 0 being there unless I release the mouse button and click it again to start the cloning. I guess this is the "stamp" feature of the clone, but it would be nice to have it clone the area of the source region even if that region has already been cloned over.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, I realized I had to stop cloning and re-select the source region to continue over areas that were cloned. I guess I was hoping this may be improved in a future version of Paint .NET so that we don't have to stop/restart cloning. Not sure where to post that feature request.

Thanks again,


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Actually, this is normal behavior among all graphics programs I know.

When you clone, you're using the original image as the source. Until you release the mouse button to apply the action, it's still drawing from the original source canvas, meaning the top of that 0 is still there.

Since the clone origin and cursor position are linked after the first click in Paint.NET (as opposed to The GIMP where the origin resets to the original position on release), there is no need to reset the origin as you say. You could simply clone in steps - [Ctrl]+Click to set the origin, start cloning, release the mouse button to apply the changes, then click again and drag to continue cloning.

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