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Do you have Shape 3D?

Once you get it - fill the canvas with whatever color you want - for a sun - it'd be yellow. To keep things simple, run clouds or some other kind of subtle effect (in yellow and black) on the same yellow layer, and it it to a blend mode such as screen or overlay.

Then run Shape 3D on that yellow layer, and drag the circle where you want it to go. Make sure you turn antialiasing on, and get rid of the lighting.

After that, duplicate the new sphere layer 3 or 4 times. On the bottom layer, gaussian blur so that it's hardly recognizable as a sphere any more. On the second to bottom, blur a little less. Keep blurring the layer this way until you get to the top.

After that, apply a zoom blur to your bottom layer - coming from the sun - make sure the light rays end up on top of the spaceship - so it blends more with the image.

Mess with layer opacities, blend modes, Curves, etc., and pretty soon you should have a half decent sun.

That's just a really simple and fast way of creating an easy sun.


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