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German Translation: New Mistakes

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After giving a closer look, I found some "new" mistakes in the German Translation.

The following part affects the current version of Paint.NET. I don't know about v3.35 Beta, but I assume the translation was not changed at the moment.

1.) When you select the text tool and type, the info bar (at the bottom of the screen) gives you this:


This is mostly correct, but the last word "ausblenden" has to be "auszublenden". The "zu"-part is required, as one not used to german can recognize by looking on "zu verschieben", "zu (de-)aktivieren".

This is the text string in English:


2.) Well, the second part is a bit hard to understand. German - other than English or Japanese - puts a lot emphasis on the gender of words. For example, the English "The" is in German "Der, Die, Das", depending on the gender (male, female, neutral (<- I hope "neutral" is the correct expression in English).

The point why I write this stuff is that my problem is how the word "Plugin" is used in the German translation. It's treated as female, but it is widely used as neutral (genderless), as it's a phrase "imported" from English (like "das Addon" or "das Brainstorming"). While the German translation of "Plugin", "Erweiterung", is female, "Plugin" (which we use here for software-related stuff) is - as far as I know and read - neutral.

there is the chance that I be wrong and "Plugin" is "official" female, but that looks weird and I never heard "die Plugin" before. If I'm wrong, everyone is invitated to correct me.

However, assuming that I'm right, I checked all the "affected" strings. Note: I converted the resorces file to a text format. I hope the following strings are free from conversion errors.

Here are the strings. If something is wrong it's written in red together with a correction. If it's right, it's shown in blue.

Effects.PluginLoadErrorsDialog.Message.Text=Die folgenden Plugins konnten nicht geladen werden. Sie wurden möglicherweise für eine ältere oder neuere Version von Paint.NET erstellt. Falls Sie schon die neueste Version von Paint.NET haben, sollten Sie feststellen ob eine aktualisierte Version von einer Plugin (von einem Plugin / eines Plugins <- both are possible) zur Verfügung steht.

BlockedPluginException.PluginIsNowBuiltIn=Dieses Plugin ist jetzt in Paint.NET integriert. ( <- This one is OK :shock: )

Effect.PluginErrorDialog.RestartTB.ExplanationText=Schließt die Plugin (das Plugin) und schließt dann Ihre offenen Bilder und startet Paint.NET neu. Falls nötig werden Sie aufgefordert, alle Veränderungen zu speichern.

Effect.PluginErrorDialog.IntroText=Ein Fehler ist bei dieser Plugin (diesem Plugin) aufgetreten, und sie (es) muss geschlossen werden.

Effect.PluginErrorDialog.DoNotRestartTB.ExplanationText=Schließt die Plugin (das Plugin), aber Paint.NET wird nicht geschlossen oder neu gestartet.

The following one is entirely weird:

BlockedPluginException.UnstablePlugin=Es wurde festgestellt, dass diese Plugin (dieses Plugin) zu Stabilitäsproblemen führen kann und kann nicht geladen werden.

The last sentence part is screwed up, if you ask me. Translated "back" to English, you might even get the correct sentence, but the German version is wrong and makes no sence. My translation would be: "... daher wird es nicht geladen." "Kann" (can) is not appropriate, because the plugin could be loaded, but Paint.NET does not load it (although it would be possible) for stability reasons. "Daher" (for this reason) shows the user the connection between the stability issues and the fact it's blocked from loading. I don't claim my translation is fine, but it might help the translators to get the point.

To clearify it, it's OK to use "Plugin" in German.

For the Plugin Gender Stuff, I don't know what's correct, but I give it to you as a German would write and expect it (but this might even be different within Germany - and especially Austria and Switzerland). The translators should have a look on it. As I mentioned, there is a chance that I'm doing it wrong - I'm not a professional, nor I claim it.

You have also the option to change Plugin to "Erweiterung", which is undoubtedly female, but I prefer "Plugin".

Last but not least I hope I post in the correct section. I've posted where I posted such stuff before - one may move it if desired. To make it clear for other mebers: In the Bugs & Troubleshooting section, posts have to be in English. I have chosen this sections (Bugs and...) again to prevent discussions in German which Rick and the translators (if they read it) and other people would not understand.

Furthermore, I had severe problems with my wireless keyboards. I hope there are no typos and missing words, but after I had a browser crash typing this looong text I'm too tired to do a spellchecking. Please excuse it *falls asleep".

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