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missing a file to uninstall paint.net to update it.

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im missing the file i need in order to uninstall paint.net.

i read the admin post and it just confused me and i still dont know what to do.

but ya i cant uninstall it in order to get the update.

so how can i install it?

it tells me im missing some file.......

its not where it should be and i cant find it anywhere else.

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i did what that thing said.

and then it told me that i needed windows service pack 2 in order to do that.

and then i tried to download windows service pack 2 but apparently i cant find the right kind for my computer???

i have windows vista, i only saw a windows xp service pack 2, and i downloaded it and it told me i had the wrong kind.

i have no idea what to do because the tutorial thing didnt say anything about service pack 2 and im just confused............

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