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Rain splatter on winshield

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Alrighty...Long time ghostie, first time poster...I've played around with PDN a bit, gotten many plugins on my scouring of the Tut page trying to learn new techniques(still far from the best), and created some interesting(I think) things. I searched around and am fairly certain that I'm not reposting something.

My question is: Is there some plugin(or combination thereof) or Tutorial that can create the effect of rain splatters on a windshield? I've played around, but can't get anything that looks realistic, so I figured that I might enlist you all to help me? I would be very much grateful. If anyone isn't sure what I mean, google "Rain on windshield" or something similar.

Thanks in advance.


PS If no solution can be found, you will all find me sitting by a window, waiting for rain to come so I can photograph it. :P

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