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Hello! I wanted my own little gallery for all to see and give opinions on things that I've done. I haven't really done all that much yet, but I guess some image work is better than none, right?

Anyway, I mostly work with screenshots from one of my favorite PC games, The Sims 2. Every now and then I do something non-sim related, but for the most part I try to make some of my screenshots from the game look more neat-o. ( The screenshots are kind of like practice images for me, because I'd like to eventually get started on other things.) So hopefully no one will mind my image gallery being mostly TS2 related. Anywho, on to the images!

This one I did... I don't remember when, but it was my first try at making mist/fog. I also had to make the water fro mthe fountain a little more noticeable. ( Hopefully I was able to accomplish that. ) A lot of people from one of the game sites for TS2, really liked this image.


This one I did last week after I found the Ghost / Through the Mist tut. ( I really liked that effect, even though it is a simple one. ) I was thinking of turning the top part of this into a sig one day, but I don't know.


Then tonight I did this one... ( Using that same tut I mentioned above, only I added some pretty colors to it.)


When I find some of the other stuff I've done, I'll add it to my gallery. And don't worry, whatever opinions or advice you give me, I won't be offended or feel bad. Heehee. I love a few good critics!


Here's one I just recently tried tonight.


I think I might do some more practiving on outlining letters.

I sniff scratch and sniff stickers because licking windows is over-rated.

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Ok... So here I am again...

Here is my attempt at old looking paper. I haven't had time to try cutting pieces out or anything yet. I'm a little scared about that. Trying to get torn edges is a pain in the bum for me. ( I know there's a tutorial on how to make this type of paper, but I figured I'd go off on my own and try to figure it out. ) :D


About two weeks ago, I started doing a pixel plaid background for a small sig. I think later on I'll turn it into a cute pixel background for my Mypsace page.


And I have no clue when I did this... But it was fun and like I said, I LOVE pixels!


Then just a little bit ago, I tried out making fluffy pixel clouds. I haven't finished with them exactly. I'm kind of stuck on what I want to use them for, but I have a HUGE obsession with pixel stuff.


What I'd really like to do, is put the clouds on a sky blue background, blur the edges of the clouds just a tiny bit, use the lovely drop shadow effect, and then... I have no idea what else I could add to the picture, but I want it all to be done in a pixel like fashion.

Maybe I should have a pixel rainbow in the sky too? But I'm not really a rainbow person.

Are there any pixel tutorials for PDN anywhere? That could maybe give me some more ideas on what I could use for this pixel project of mine.

I sniff scratch and sniff stickers because licking windows is over-rated.

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