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Built in Custom brushes

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Will it be possible to have custom brushes built-in to version 4.xx. Maybe make use of that huge space on the right hand side of the menu bar? I just think it is easier than having to go into a new window to use custom brushes


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I'm not sure if you've been through it yet, but if you take a look at the Popular Feature Requests thread, this is a very highly requested feature, and it depends upon some pretty heavy changes that Rick is planning for 4.x. So basically, the current plan hints that, yeah, it will eventually be possible for custom brushes to be built in to Paint.NET.

What Simon released was basically a stopgap feature - since Paint.NET can't have it built-in yet, he provided a way for users to get a semblance of the functionality now. He had to release it as a plugin because users cannot add new tools to Paint.NET without editing and releasing a custom version of the program itself. Like other stopgap feature plugins such as the Alpha Mask Importer, it will pretty much become obsolete once the feature is implemented into Paint.NET, but for now, it does a great job within the scope it's allowed to have.

So, since it's already in the Popular Feature Requests thread as linked above, this basically falls under the purview of [rule=1]Rule 1 part 3[/rule]. If Rick has anything to add, I'm certain he will, but since it's a feature we all want and look forward to already, I'm closing this thread.

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