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Removing blue haze..

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I just found out that my camera seems to be adding a horrible blue haze to the corners of my pictures, and so I'm using Paint.NET to remove it. It was a breeze on pictures with corners like this:


There seems to be a number of ways of doing this easily, the clone stamp, or any number of other things.

However, removing the blue haze is a bit more difficult on a more complicated picture like this:


Does anyone know how to go about doing this in Paint.NET?

Thanks for any help!

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How about duplicating the layer, using brightness/contrast to make the edges on the top layer look like the bottom layer.Then cut out the middle (the bits that aren't hazy) and use true feather on it (that's in Boltbait's plugin pack).

Edit: I've got a better Idea.

1 Make a New layer

2 Set you primary colour to white and secondary to transparent

3 Draw a gradient like this


4 New Layer

5 Draw another gradient on the other side

6 Adjust opacity accordingly

Final results



(I used two gradients on the top left in this picture)

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