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CustomTexture v1.0

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CustomTexture Stylize Menu

This plugin will apply a custom texture to an image while maintaining the saturation. Textures are in no new format - they use brushes from the same place as the Custom Brushes plugin. I apolagise for the lack of detailed explanation but I am unsure how to explain it fully.


MODERATORS NOTE:  This effect is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x

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If you can't explain it...a picture is worth a thousand words. ;)

Yeah, I've heard that somewhere before :)

I tried this plugin, It's not showing the alpha correctlly and it doesn't read the color from the brush image files.

Is it meant to work like that? Or am I not understanding how this works?



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I love this program and it could be a very useful tool, but is there anyway to add the option for the color of the brushes?

edit: http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t109/kjslove1994/blueflowerbackground.png

this is what I came up with after putting color in the bottom layer and playing with blending modes. This program seems to work best with brushes like hearts or flowers.


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The brushes don't modify the colour of the image - just the lightness.

This plugin just applies a grey fill to the canvas, at different brightnesses depending on the intensity. It's the same for any brush i try to use. Is that what its supposed to do, or am i doing something wrong?

Try moving the intensity slider to the far-right.

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