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texture brushes

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Not sure if this falls under the 'custom brushes' frequently asked for feature, but...

It would be super sweet if you could apply [and maybe you can already] arbitrary 'textures' to an area. Like paint this area to look like denim, or fill this area with a 'rough looking' texture to its existing color.

[Example of this is the seashore prog for mac which does almost the described--I miss those :) ]



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So this would be a plugin the changes the lightness of each pixel in an image to that of a chosen image while maintaining the hue?

yeah. And also the ability to say 'paint this area with this leaf bitmap' and it would just put that leaf bitmap over the whole area [like a CSS background].

Ability to vary the opacity of the 'overlay' as it paints is nice, too.

And ability to apply to arbitrary colors lacks in seashore.

Thanks for reading :)

Just suggesting something for an already excellent prog :)


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