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How do you create effect like this?

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First of all, you're posting in the wrong section.

Secondly, you're just saying "These effects are brilliant, how do I do them?" and yet you're not specifying which effects you want.

I do not have any hostile feelings towards you, so I hereby apologize if those sentences appeared rude. I believe you just overlooked the "Publishing Only" notice by accident, and once you have read the rules and all the other standard things new members do you will be a fine addition to our community.

Anyone else: Well, I've got to be formal to the new people, haven't I? We don't know what they'll be like. :D

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Like Rubrica already said, you've posted in the wrong forum. This should've gone in the General Discussion forum instead.

As for your images, you can search for the vignette, soften portrait, and custom brushes plugins. That's what I'd use to make the effects in those images.

And as I can speak some Russian, trying to pronouce your username was a chore...needless to say, it's not in Russian.

(as it comes out something like yayatnyoryayo'yol)

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As Rubrica quite rightly pointed out, this should have been posted in the General Discussion and Questions forum (the clue is in the name ;)). Also, you may have noticed the title of this section happens to read 'publishing only'. We really mean that part.

Topic moved

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On top of Soften Portrait/Vignette, if it's the black shadows around the picture you're looking for: make a new layer, fill it with black, then use :EllipseSelectTool:/:RectangleSelectTool: to select and delete the places you don't want black, then apply a Gaussian Blur :GaussianBlur:.

Off-topic: Since when did Myrddin become a mod? I just noticed, but maybe I'm ignorant.

Edit: Just kidding. Vignette does that for you. :oops:

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❤иaиaтнёяёьёl❤, there's no need to: if it's the same question, post it here, there's no need to start a new topic with the same question. I've merely moved it, you can still post here, and we can still help here.

If it's a new question however, then yes, please do remember to post in the right section of the Forum. That would be delightfully helpful to us all, thanks.

Also, you mention you're new to the Forum and forums in general, it might be in your best interest to read through the Rules as not only do they apply here, but the principles of good forum etiquette can be used on other forums for when you spread your Internet presence elsewhere.

Cool, carry on, carry on, don't let me stop you.

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