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The Music Quiz

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Here's how it works:

- First, someone posts a few lines of a song.

- The next person o post answers the song's name and artist. If they don't know, they can make a wild guess but they HAVE to say it's a guess.


- You can't use old songs (dating from before 1960, etc.)

- No songs that would break the rules if you posted the lyrics in the forum.

- SUGGESTION: Use a well recognized song.

- Try not to use the same song over again.

- Put the lines in quotes.

I would use a song from my favorite band, Tokio Hotel, but I'm afraid some people aren't familiar with them :(

"Head under water

And they tell me

To breathe easy for a while

Breathing gets harder

Even I know that..."

Hi. Yes. No. Uh-huh. Of course. Well, I don't know what you're sayin', but if you wanna leave a message at the beep...

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Why not?

Although people can easily cheat this, it'll be interesting to see what lyrics people find interesting and memorable

Yours was Sara Bareilles - Love Song, although i would've prefered Tokio Hotel me thinks :)

My lyric for this game shall be a one liner, just cause the idea of it amazes me :)

"The Past Is Only The Future With The Lights On"

Striving For Excellence Motivates You;

Striving For Perfection Will Demoralise.

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Gale Grace, Kicks Rock

"And in the death

As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare

The shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building

High on Poacher's Hill

And red mutant eyes gaze down on Hunger City"

It is not as emo as you think!


"I am the anarchist, I am the antichrist, I am the walrus, G'JOO G'GOO G'JOOB!"

I dig a pygmy, by Charles Hawtree and the Deaf Aids. Phase One, in which Doris gets her oats.

~John Lennon

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"I was born yesterday, 300 years ago, and there ain't no explanation for this situation that I'm in. I don't want to live forever, its just the way that its always been."

Bobaflex - Tears Drip

I google it as I had no clue to what it was. Now that I see the name of the band I still have no clue to what band this is.

There not even listed on AZ Lyrics.

my turn

Cut back civil rights

Make no mistake

Tell 'em homeland security is now at stake

Whip up a frenzy keep 'em suspended

Don't let 'em know that their liberty's ended

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They don't even need to use a glock, they can take you down with their electric shock! Harder than a body slam from the rock but not as much as a slap from my--hand!

Oooh, have you heard about optimus prime? Sweeter than a cherry, sour than a lime, if your booty's gettin hot and it keeps getting hotter, he'll turn into a firetruck and spray you with water!

Its pretty easy if you have a YouTube account xD

Super Saiyan Taco ATTACK!


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Bad guess: Cat Stevens :lol:

In you and I,

There's a new land,

Angels in flight


My Sanctuary,

My Sanctuary, yeah

Where fears and lies melt away...

Music will tie


What's left of me,

What's left of me now...

Utada Hikaru - Sancuary

"Look at me

Look at me

Driving and I won't stop

And it feels so good to be

Alive and on top

My reach is global

My tower secure

My cause is noble

My power is pure

I can hand out a million vaccinations

Or let'em all die in exasperation

Have'em all healed of their lacerations

Have'em all killed by assassination

I can make anybody go to prison

Just because I don't like'em and

I can do anything with no permission

I have it all under my command

I can guide a missile by satellite

By satellite

By satellite

and I can hit a target through a telescope

Through a telescope

Through a telescope

and I can end the planet in a holocaust

In a holocaust

In a holocaust

In a holocaust

In a holocaust

In a holocaust"

sorry it's so long

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Alice cooper - sunset babies(all got rabies)

Tear it up

Crack your head

Tear it up

You know it's gonna end

You're running against the wall

Smash your face and wake up boy

Tear it up

Wake up boy

Tear it up

Tear it up

Wake up boy

Tear it up


My Gallery Forensics '08-09:A Fate Worse than Death

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