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How Would be your world if you would be God?

Would it be a Computer World? Or do you like Football more?

Mine would be with a lot of Nature And Rainbows.

Looks like paradise.

I would also love some old age Castles. They are really great.

[you could use Paint.NET to design it ;)]


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Noone seems to agree with this, but i'd want it to be snowy but warm.

Why do people prefer sun and scolding heats to snow?

I've never been abroad, but i'd want to go snowboarding over surfing.


It'd have tree's but not flowers..

Mainly cause i've been stung by far too many bees

And never seen a bee climb a tree.

And the sun? Yeah, o <-Thats what it'd be like.

Imagine looking at the world as if someone'd messed with the hue?

I mean, oh wow. :)

Plus, no more blinding lights :idea:

Hm, i dunno really :scratchs head:

If I had my own world

I'd fill it with wealth and desire

A glorious past to admire

And voices of kids out walking dogs,

Birds, planes, trees and cars

If I had my own world

I'd love it for all that's inside it

There'd be no more wars, death or riots

There'd be no more police, packed parking lots,

Guns, bombs sounding off

If I had my own world

I'd build you an empire

From here to the far lands

To spread love like violence.

Striving For Excellence Motivates You;

Striving For Perfection Will Demoralise.

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If I had my own world, It would be exactly like this one, I wouldn't be able to see the future, get special treatment, etc.

The only thing I would give myself was eternal life, and the gift to kill people violently without getting in trouble.

I probably have the most corrupt mind for my age in the world. :D


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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A world with endless towers, made of just towers, bridges, and sky, would be my ideal world.

Wheee!!! Skydiving! :D

it would also have dragons. fire breathing dragons. :mrgreen:


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My world would be the same. Without the pollution and the wars and the evil people in it. There wouldn't be homeless people dying in the streets, or poor people working jobs just to feed their children. We wouldn't need the military. There would be an alternate energy source besides oil. Each city would be surrounded with bubbles, providing oxygen, and of course heat and A/C in the summer and winter. ;) Outside the bubbles would be filled with massive forests, jungles and lakes.

Hidden Content:
Of course some of this could happen anyway, if all the mess that's going on now turns to nuclear war like I think it will. So we could still end up in "bubble cities" but not be allowed outside of them due to fallout.

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In a perfect world, there will be no pain as everyone will always feel perfect in the best possible way, whatever happens to them. In a perfect world people will not need to walk around - they will be instantly teleported to wherever they wish to go. In a perfect world people will never face boredom, the best moment possible will last forever, and it will not be repetitive, as they will remember nothing. In a perfect world there will be no criticism or hate, as everyone will agree, holding the exact same opinion across the whole of humanity. In a perfect world, no-one will make a contribution, as everything will already be perfect, however, people will still feel pleased because of it. With all this, there will be no meaning to life, people will simply enjoy a perfect world with the only real memory covering just the last second, thinking the same thoughts for eternity with no individuality. A perfect world cannot be perfect.

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I agree with sabrown. In the current reality we live in, it cannot be perfect. However, it can be better. Much better.

In my preferred reality people are more driven to care about nature and about others, keeping self wants and helping other things in balance. There is no religious discrimination, nor race nor for the fact of a different attribute which may or may not be under the control of the person. Religious practices are limited to private places, such as churches, homes, or select places such as fairs or conventions (i.e. we have pagan festivals here). This would mean there is no religious bias implanted rudly into our lives whilst doing something completely unrelated. In this reality people will be able to quickly and effectively sort out problems verbally instead of killing each other to force one's opinion down the other's throat. In this reality, there will be suffering, but there must be balance in the world, and without balance we would learn nothing. This isn't saying that people should die, get hurt, or suffer for the sake of balance, but for the sake of maintaining humanity. If we have nothing to reach forward to, we shalt not move forward.

That would be my 'perfect' reality.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

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My world would be like this:

A lavender sky with no sun, moon, or night. There would be black stars that were always up, and there would be those puffy white cumulus clouds that always appear on a sunny day. Every one would live in a mansion with their bedrooms decorated exactly how they want it. There would be no germs, disease, wounds, or pain. Every mansion would have a large garden, pool, and orchard in the back, and every day people would devote 1 to 1 and a half hours towards easy and fun chores like climbing the trees and picking fruits, and the mansion's interior would "reset" itself daily, so that everything would be in it's original spot, and there would be no messes. School was fun and there were no mean teachers, but good, helpful ones, so that good grades were a regular thing. And nobody would care what clothes you wore, or what music you listened to; you just do what you want. There would be no rain, but there would be a giant river, 4 feet deep, that flowed sometimes above ground and sometimes underground, and it watered the plants and cleaned the air. No one would through garbage in it; instead they'd recycle every item. Kids would go into the river to play and never drowned. No trees were cut down; the mansions were built inside of mountains and were made of carved crystals. There were no storms, or earthquakes, or floods, and the river never dried up. Apples were as big as a grown person's two fists and strawberries as sweet as you wanted them to be. People rode kind Talking Horses, no cars. No divorces or abortions, and no food shortages.

Hi. Yes. No. Uh-huh. Of course. Well, I don't know what you're sayin', but if you wanna leave a message at the beep...

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