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I want to send image from my project to paint.net ?

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H! .

i m using paint.net in myproject , i added it in my solution so i have two project in

one solution now i want to call paintdotnet thorugh my project i got success , now i like to send image through code in paintdotnet ,

paintdotnet use workspace class i didnt understand yet how to send image through my project and edit them and then send back to myproject its my task

i m very thankfull to you plzzz any one help me .....thanks in advance .

some code are below that i tried.

//its a button that is place in form1 its in myproject , and i m calling paint.net in mysoftware thorugh this code i get success but wanna send image that is in picturebox to paint.net but not getting any thing plz help me .

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


PaintDotNet.MainForm mF;

mF = new PaintDotNet.MainForm();



// string[] fileNames ;

////string startingDir = Path.GetDirectoryName(documentWorkspace.FilePath);

// string startingDir = @"C:\Temp";

//public documentWorkspace;

//DialogResult result =PaintDotNet.DocumentWorkspace.ChooseFiles( PaintDotNet.DocumentWorkspace. , out fileNames, true, startingDir);



// ImportFromFileAction(@"c:\sunset.jpg");



// mF.AppWorkspace.PerformAction(new OpenFileAction());

// PaintDotNet.AppWorkspaceAction(new Image("C:\sunset.jpg"));

//PaintDotNet.AppWorkspaceAction(new OpenFileDialog());



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