~ WelshBlue ~Control ~ 08/07/2020

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@ReMake @lynxster4 @Pixey @Eli ... thank you so much ladies and gentleman. 

Those kind words have actually brought tears to my eyes after logging on to read this in my messages  


" Plagiarism is the word he used after seeing your latest.  I suspect others here too are of the same thinking and that is why not many up vote your work.

Response ? "


Guys like yourselves who appreciate how much of myself I put into my work,  you really o stop me saying "screw it" and getting Admin to delete this thread and not bothering anymore.


Just for my own peace of mind in case there are others on here who think like that:



It really is upsetting that my integrity may be doubted, when a lot of of thought/ time and effort and aborted files go into an image. 

The four buttons alone are 20 layers just to get the lighting right ... 


...  thank you again


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