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~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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I'm with Helen, it is straight out of a horror flick. That happy face drawn in blood is off the charts, it made my morbid sense of humor chuckle.

The keyhole bezel and texture of the door is truly commendable... Another golden piece of work, thanks for sharing.

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I saw Jaxon's comment & was almost afraid to look. That is one creepy image & totally agree with Helen & Jaxon's comment on the face. Creepy image...oh yeah, said that already eh? Another thing that is unnerving is the size of the keyhole compared to the scalpel. Way too big the keyhole but serves to unnerve the viewer even more. Well done!

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@ Aislin, Helen, Jaxon and BarbieQ' ... many thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

The smiley face is quite possibly a trademark of http://en.wikipedia..../The_Mentalist. One of the few things I try to watch regularly

I love the mentalist.

Great job!

Edit: you have inspired me.

I made a little mock up myself.

I know he doesn't sign his name, but I put it there nonetheless.


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@ AGJM ... nice job. Yep you've gotta love Patrick Jane. Excellent humour ;)

@ toxicdj ... many thanks, glad you enjoyed them :)

@ HyRez ... Greetings and many thanks. The galleries are a great source of inspiration ... along with the tut' section. Once you start producing you won't be able to stop ;) Love the username BTW


Kaleidoscope Experiment ... was playing around with the text in the image using Madjik's Kaleidoscope plugin, and then just kept playing and playing. Loads of potential for more experiments I fffink :)

Bad Loser ... Re-work of an earlier image

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@ Lance ... always experimenting mate. At least PDN is legal :lol:

Although it can still copulate with your mind. I'm going back through my old files trying out Kaleidoscope on everything.

Many thanks mate.

@ Barbie ... many thanks. The kaleidoscope experiment pieces don't really go together ... I just wanted to pass on a tip.

Bad Loser ... the plan one day/ year is to turn it into a chess board. Trying to design a decent looking knight has been doing my head in for a few months.

Funny you should mention " dark & moody " ... I was asked the other day by a non-PDN'er viewing my work why most of my images are dark, moody, macabre and pretty strange :D:lol:


To break the mould a bit RE: dark & moody; inspired some by Lance's floating flotsam, Madjik's Kaleidoscope plug-in but most of all thoughts of my mother as we approach the anniversary of her death.

4Ever Brite

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I thought the background on kaleidoscope was amazing,made me think I should put a lot more time into my backgrounds.You and BBQ already have that well sussed.The colour glow on the keyhole in Keyhole Surgery is amazing.(Fan of The Mentalist as well).All great stuff!

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Oh Welshy! What a fantastic image. Such a textured background with the most amazing colours - like an oil spill in a rain puddle (one of my fondest childhood images).

The jewel is prefect. The opalescence is very fitting for the subject matter. I read in a book once for children that the Yowie (Aussie Yeti) kept standing on his own feet because they were so big & a sheep farmer heard his cries so he made him some soft slippers for his feet. The Yowie was so overcome with joy & appreciation that he cried tears that when they hit the snow became opals, in turn rewarding the farmer.

Superb tribute. *HUGS*

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hi welsh I love your new images, especially the board!

as I said at Jim's gallery: I might getting blind LOL, or maybe I'm just a perfectionist or something... too be sure I'll put my glasses on lol. the shadows are awsome, they all go in the same direction except for one - the second black piece from the left, above the white one, that shadow is going to an other side (left) than the other shadows (to the bottom right) it is ver very tiny and maybe I'm wrong because I overlook it or so... lol


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@ dug ... thanks mate. Glad you enjoyed them. I think sometimes I put more work into the backgrounds than I do the main piece ... maybe to hide all the imperfections :lol:

@ BarbieQ' ... what a great image in my mind - oil spill in a rain puddle. I saw a great pattern left by some spilt diesel when I was driving the other day. The light from the sun was almost magical (I don't suppose it would be so great or magical if someone skidded off the road because of it =O)

The Yowie ... what great story. I wonder how much folk-lore will die out in these ever changing times ? Many thanks BTW

@ Helen ... whatever you say is always greatly appreciated. No matter how many words are used. Many thanks

@ Goon' ... many thanks mate. As per ... appreciated, and glad you enjoyed it

@ Aislin ... many thanks and extremely good catch on that shadow. I'll have to change it now ;):P



Another Kaleidoscope inspired image. A pure fluke getting the starting textures. Hope you's enjoy

If people are interested I could write a small tut' for the metal textures, it's a pretty straight forward process

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Thanks Helen

I've got to admit to being pretty pleased with how this turned out. I've always had a thing for russian white and black silver (I can't remember what it's called ... I know it starts with 'N' ... )The technique I stumbled across gives some great results, especially with the built in blend modes.

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I love the metal texture & the gem too. I am keen to know how you did this...Russian white & black silver? More for me to Google. :lol:

The background is beautiful too. I like how you did the slightly different perspectives on each layer too. Just an awesome beautiful image Welshy!

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I very much like the first image currently on display. Not that I have any education in the area, but like the architecture of buildings which I enjoy looking at, your piece also draws my attention to it. It's a nice piece to admire the depth, shading, and designs that are incorporated in it. The center gemstone is remarkable as well. Very nice indeed.

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Yet again you make us all want to put down PDN :( Amazing work mate, I too love the texture on the wall in pic 1 and I love the chessboard wonder what it would look like if the pieces were more randomly placed and tilted in different angles ? The keyhole pieces and the R2D2 again are just fabulous, do you have a secret plug in that no-one knows about :)

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@ BarbieQ' ... as always, huge thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed all the aspects of it. Your thoughts and images are always inspiration

@ Jim' ... many thanks. I'm like you and enjoy architecture, especially the different materials/textures put into the buildings. Glad you got what I was trying to put into it. The gemstone ... the starting point came from a very good mini tut' in Gamerworld_14's gallery. It's always one of my starting points when making a 'stone'. Very versatile

@ Minners' ... woah. If I can make things with PDN - anyone can. It's about perseverance, experimentation, swotting up on different plug-ins/ techniques - but most of all ... enjoying your own work. Which you should be doing, because it's very good.

The draughts pieces - sometime in the future I want to make them more random, possibly by next christmas :D Glad you enjoyed your look around and many thanks for taking the time mate

@ YM ... thanks mate. I totally agree that the quality of the Trail work in Talisman. I should have made it with the same method as I made the stone setting. But then I can't help thinking that the 2 methods together playing with blend modes could be interesting. A bit more of a subtle effect to the edges.

Thanks mate, your wise words are always very much appreciated


Playtime x 2

Playtime #1 ... seeing how distortable the method used in the making of Talisman is before I publish a tutorial

Playtime #2 ... inspired by the work of BarbieQ' :star:

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