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~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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@ BarbieQ' , Helen and 'Howler. Thanks guys.

@ BarbieQ' ... it was inspired by using an oxyacetalyne torch and the colour it threw up. Liquify will hopefully help to put a nice clean bit of plate with some weld in ;)

@ Helen and 'Howler ... textures don't have to be hard in PDN. Wood, metal and stone/ concrete. There's tuts' for all types of them.

Different Blend Modes. Some distorts such as jitter, displacement and relief. Not forgetting clouds. Or transparent gradients to build the layers up. Sometimes lots of layers and lots of luck. With a lot of deleted files.

It's all trial and error


Cameo playing around with Polar Inversion one night.

Stock image Click

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Very nicely done! I don't follow galleries, but it's pictures like that one that cause me to follow them in multiple places!

Just so that you get some constructive criticism this month, the drop shadow and the shine make the cameo appear to be floating inside the stone. After googling cameo, I think the best way to fix it is to remove the shine on the stone, but leave it on the head. Also, lowering the drop shadow blur and distance might help "fuse" the cameo and the stone.

(now when are you going to write the tutorial on embryo? :kitteh: )

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Thank goodness I am not going mad! I see my comment on Almost Through.

The Cameo one is fabulous. I love the background. I like cameos & this one has fantastic contrast & the metal is again to die for with a unique shape. I'd wear it for sure! PDNNoob could be right about the shine bit but I still like it very much. Well done, Welshy.

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Just so that you get some constructive criticism this month

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Love that.

Thanks mate. I think you're right about the shine and drop shadow. One of those times of staring at something so long you miss the obvious.

I'll do that for the dA version ;)

Embryo ... god yeah. One of four on the go I've got stored somewhere. Less churning out stuff and more publishing tuts in the near future, I promise ;)

@ BarbieQ and Helen ... as always, heartfelt thanks for your continued support. It really does mean a lot to me

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M m many thanks Ilke.

I'm glad you enjoyed your look around :)

Cameo is still a work in progress

Speaking of which - on Page1 ... 2 images acted on by critique recieved. Both still not finished :(

Overload ... playing around with straight lines.

Not being neither lame or needy ... life's a challenge so some things you mean.

without them having an ulterior motive :/

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I love it!, yeah I know about the many many layers, lol in one image of me I had like 300 layers =O

Anyway, I the bricks could use some shadows, like under each brick just a very very small line of shadow.

Edited by Aislin
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@ Aislin ... many thanks. I agree about the bricks - I hadn't thought about it before you said - now I see it ;) .

T'was a quick fix to make a background when I failed in making a decent pool of water to sit it in

@ Goon' ... thanks mate.

Stay away from Paint.NET street.

You know it makes sense :lol:

@ Helen ... as always, huge thanks. I think you've commented on every single image I've made for the past 30 odd months (possibly longer)

Words can't convey how much that is appreciated from an established, talented artist like yourself


Ich Dien :P:) (And I only know that because it's tattooed on my leg :lol: )

Many thanks mate.

Discouraged ?


- nobody needs to be

Before I discovered Paint.NET my old art teacher was right. The only thing I'd ever draw would be a pair of curtains.

The whole programme and all plug-ins created by far cleverer people than myself, has/have been a joy to click on.

Add to that the friends to be made, the help to tap into and the whole thing has been worth all the cost of my broadband and more

I haven't always come across as the most pleasant person but that's only because I care about a great piece of cyber world

Time to put the last 2 cans of a six pack away me thinks :|

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than your teacher was wrong, lol..

Everyone have some art skills, but it doesn't always have to be drawing on paper

and even then, Have you seen paintings from Picasso? No? just find them on google...

I think you are an awsome artist Welsh!

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Many thanks Aislin ... to have such praise from an awesome artist like your self is flattering.

I was lucky that when I joined here some highly accomplished people gave me some very good tips and advice, which hopefully I'm passing on @ times.

Thank you again

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Love your new one some lovely textures, my only problem is the anarchy symbol looks like it was just pasted on to the wall, it looks good on the sign but the wall, maybe a little transparency would make it look better ?

Have you ever made a tut on the rusted look ?

Just tried using the alpha displacement plug in and came up with this.


Edited by minners71
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you keep amazing me.. and i think ive figured out just why your work intimadates me.. its not your skill in PDN.. i can learn that.. and i have been improving..

its the way you conceptualize things. i think more than any other artist here, the way you look at things speaks to me.(yeah sounds corny)

anyway, once again fine work :D

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Urban Decay is a very fine piece & I agree with MountNman wholeheartedly. I really don't know why I have not seen this one before. I rely on New Content each time I log in...

In any case it is always a pleasure to see your works. Amazing textures on the rust & the bricks too.

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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