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~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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@lynxster4 ... many thanks.  It lost a bit of glossiness in resizing, but I'm quite happy with it.  I've a few 'fabric' textures hanging around,  I'll have to knock up a bit of a compendium maybe ?


@Pixey ... many thanks.  I'm not sure about the 'right hands' ... I just enjoy making textures more than the pieces themselves.  It's sadly very satisfying when they work


@Seerose ... many thanks.  I'm not sure about 'talent' ... more a jack of all trades and not quite a master in all.  


Thanks for your kind word ladies, and to @Ego Eram Reputo for the Rep+

The kind words spur me on to try and be better and it's always nice when your creations are appreciated for the work involved

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@Maximilian ... yep.  Too silvery maybe.  I should have stuck with the more tarnished look I had going on.  Oh well


@Woodsy ... there's a pawn missing.  Thanks.  All the knight is pretty 'naff.  I can play play, that's about it.  @Ego Eram Reputo is the grand master of the forum ...


@lynxster4 ... I'll knock something up.  You've gotten me into sewing 😉  I thought that was over after mailbags and 8 stitches to an inch ...  

I'm currently working on a Shape3D tut to show the basics to get all kinds of objects then I'll post all my fabric textures



Trying out the website @dipstick linked to https://www.remove.bg/


A bit of a double whammy health wise this week and Evil Amongst Us was born. 




No great artistic shakes but sometimes it's good to do something mindless.  That said a bit of a paradox, as I also think too much ... 

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@Seerose ... thank you.  That's a very pretty image, it's got a really good atmosphere to it


@Maximilian ... many thanks.  I tried to get it to be everything you said.  Not seen The Nun yet, as the wife isn't into horror films ... and I'm too much of a wuss to watch them by myself 😄


@Pixey ... many thanks.  I got the stock from https://www.deviantart.com/mjranum-stock ... he's got some great stuff there, and the website dipstick posted works well on them.

Oooohh Christine Brinkley 😍


@Ego Eram Reputo ... many thanks ... don't put yourself down chess wise mate - you kicked my butt a few times


@lynxster4 ... many thanks.  

18 hours ago, lynxster4 said:

Where do you get your ideas??


To be honest, most are from life experiences.  If I can get them to make sense on the canvas, it helps my head process the 'real' thing

Last week I found out I'm no longer in remission and that my acid reflux I thought was getting worse, is actually Unstable Angina ... . It is what it is, and a seed has to push through C*@p to survive.  One thing I am is a fighter ... and no point stressing about things we can't change ... we've 2 choices in life when things take a dark turn ... Step Up or Step Off  (although my wife thinks there's a spelling mistake in the angina part and it should start with a 'V' ...)


@Woodsy ... thanks for the rep' point

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@JulioCoolio ... many thanks.  I'm glad you enjoy a look at my work ... it's not to everyone's taste so I'm happy to please 😁




Something a bit different.  PDN meets Incendia in more bouts of 'thinking and living'.


Stem Cell 



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@Woodsy ... thanks mate.   Weird is good - at least I hope so, because my wife is always telling me I am 🤨

The inspiration for this piece was to either punch and kick things or come to terms with another battle with rogue genes.  This time in the blood ... so last resort - stem cell transplant, if conventional treatment doesn't cut it.  


@lynxster4 ... many thanks.  To be honest I've only scratched the surface with Incendia - I'm too impatient to let things render 😉


@ReMake ... many thanks.  Not sure about maestro ... but thank you.  Inspiration can be all around us I guess ?


@Eli ... many thanks.  I always used to struggle with light/shadow and I'll always be grateful to ASH, OMA and LFC4Ever for their time behind PM's


@Seerose ... many thanks.  I look like I've fallen from the sky most mornings when I wake up 😛


Thanks for the comments and reps' guys, on what is an emotive piece for me

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Wow!  This is just gorgeous :star: Is this a photo manipulation, or did you make those beautiful swirls - which look like silk - and did you make the X's with @MJW's rounded object plugin?  They actually remind me of those metal things .. ...pick-up sticks :)


Sorry - I'm out of Reps ....... I will return 🧐

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@Pixey and @JulioCoolio ... much thanks for the kind words.  Seems months ago


Only about 30 % of PDN in Stem Cell I'm afraid ... the majority of it is Incendia and my head (Incendia is good - my head isn't when I start thinking too much)



Devil's Pulpit




This is a project that's been on the go since January.  Slightly overworked (a lot)and if I don't post it now, I'll totally ruin it.

Named after a local landmark and my wife reckons I'm more likely to see the pulpit rather than the pearly gates ... 



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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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