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~ WelshBlue ~BoltBait's Challenge ~ 14/09/2020

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Thanks pipp92

... there's a LOT I need to do and even more to learn. :(:)

I think the art work submitted on here is absolutely out of this world and if I can achieve half as good a result on anything I do; I'll be happy.

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Hmmm. Perhaps a white->white transparent gradient, then erase or delete a portion, so that it's sort of like glossy buttons, but with a badge. On your problem with feathering: I would suggest selecting the picture, copying it, resizing it to about 50% by 50%, then resize that to 200% by 200% so it is it's original size, then creating a new layer and pasting your shield. on it., But that will only work with transparency, and I'm not entirely sure how well it will work, so it's just a thought. :D

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too old? :lol::lol::lol: I have to have you beat by a few decades.

Keep with it, have an open mind. experiment and play, be not afraid of making mistakes. It takes a bit of time but all of a sudden your knowledge of the program just clicks in. When it does you'll take off art wise at a great pace. Already in your gallery I see a good strong sense of proportion and you seem to have a natural ease and ability to put things together in a very pleasing manner. I certainly look forward to viewing many more pictures here within your gallery.


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:oops: thanks Oma ... I must admit I'm enjoying learning. Although I must admit to having a long way to go to match the talents of yourself and everyone else here

.... but one day :lol:

My attempt at making a round button for my website. Using Gradients, Blurs, Glow and other options but I can't remember what they were :? :)

It hasn't quite worked out as I wanted but it'll do for my new avatar :wink:



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I like it! :D

Looking back through your gallery, I can see you have made progress. :) I really like the original button from three posts back. I like the way there are different colors. I don't like the other buttons as much, but that is only because they don't use as much color- they still look as realistic as the original :D

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Thanks Jedi' ... I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :D

Your Sig' and avatar look nice 'n' shiney so you're doing something right :wink:

My next piece for my Gallery ...

Messing around making this:


... somehow evolved into this :?



Link for full sized pic.

http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk39 ... stract.jpg

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Hi Aussi3ies

Hatz would be my least favourite out of everything I've done :)

The key of dreams is quite straight forward it's basically 2 round circles with the key shape cut out of both. Using the line tool and ellipse circle

I kept the bottom one black and if I remember correctly ( I never keep notes doh ) messed around with twist - blurs on the top layer and feathered it to get the 'used/aged' look.

The screwheads are just a circle with some radial blur, added noise (but not toooo much) with a line gradient ( the second one when you select gradients :roll: ... not sure what it's called )

and some drop shadow.

The rest of it is just layer upon layer to get it like that.

I know I've missed loads out but hope that's of some use to you


When The Triangle Met PDN:


Everything apart from the globe is a distort of a distort of a distort ... and various blurs ... and glow etc ... and colour changers ... and luminosity and other things of the same triangle ( I really must make notes)

Thanks to rasengan105 for this This tutorial

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Thanks ZizOiz.

I was pretty pleased with how the flames turned out.

The triangle ? I know what you mean ... That looked even better on it's own, with a black background. But as usual I didn't keep a copy :oops:

@ Aussi3ies. There is a brushed metal tutorial on here but I couldn't find it to include the link.

Also Ash's 3D Chrome/Metal tutorial is well worth reading and doing

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