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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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@ Sasha, Daniels, BarbieQ' and Dug ... many thanks guys.  I think this is by far the most complicated project I've started on.  In my head it seemed straight forward, but on canvas ...


Anyone any good at making arms ?


@ Sasha ... you can't compare our work.  5 years compared to a few months ?  Your work is far superior to where I was in the same timescale.  

On the photobucket links, there should be a thumbnail option ... 


If not, go to album settings and tick the option



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If I were making it, I'd forget about the arms and say it's just armour. :smile:


I might just take that approach :lol:  Thanks BP


also many thanks Drew and skullbonz ( @ skullbonz ... title from the original wip image, more specifically the horns,  and the totally classic song by the late, great Mr. Marley)




That time of year again for a dark valentines ...


Unrequited on Pg. 1

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Has it really been over a month ...


@ NiteNurse, DrewD', Helen, BarbieQ', B'Penny, YM, Drydareelin, Dug and Red' ... many, many thanks for the comments/ kind words and continued support. Apologies for not thanking you's all earlier.


It was nice going back to the dark side of my work.  BTW ... the background of Unrequited  is done with the Seismograph plug-in.  Thanks YM




The first time of opening PDN in ages and another 'dark' piece was born.  Despair.  Pretty much sums up where I'm at right now and why I've been absent for a while.  Life biting me on the arse ... 

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Sasha, once you have downloaded it you'll find it in the Stylize sub-folder.


Welshy, a most emotive piece. ...also to add, despair felt at my very core... ;)


I love the darkness, the text says so much, & the metallic feels gives a sense of strength & permanence to the emotion. Brilliant work!

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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