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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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@ Minners' ... many thanks ... and fair point about the anarchy symbol.

Laziness on my part and you're addition adds much more to the image.

This is why I still toil in the forestry and am not a graphic artist :D

There's already a few published tuts by other members I use in textures, so I've never felt a tut is warranted. Mainly Chad's concrete tut and sometimes BarkBark's stone texture from the Stone 101 thread ... with the added extras of clouds, blurs and dents. Also lots of layers, Blend Modes plus a few things from the Stylise menu

@ Mountnman ... many thanks.

Intimidates ? S**t ... if I can do it, anyone can. Anything I publish here is all thanks to PDN - be it the programme itself or plug-in authors

The power is all theirs.

I just click and click hoping to find something that I can relate to after 28 years in an industry that can chucks up blood, sweat and tears

Not at all cheesy ... I find your words very humbling, that you had those thoughts

@ BarbieQ' ... many thanks. :)

@ Mayor' ... many thanks.

We've all got our strengths ... 3 years on and I still can't make anything decent that looks good in a 500 x 200 canvas ... unlike yourself and others on here



Originally going to be my entry in the WOTW competition. But I over-worked it and missed the deadline.

Publishing I'm loathe to waste 12 hours of my life ...

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@ Helen, YM, Goon', Barbie' and Aislin ... many thanks. Glad you's enjoyed it. I was going to animate it but Goon' beat me to it :P

I can't really take too much credit for it - Chad's concrete tut and dynojuggler's rust colour tut play a major part. Then it's down to Blend Modes and pure luck :lol:


Cartoon Wood ... playing around with Autumnal Kiss

- again, a lot of luck :)

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Welshy, I wonder what the Wright brothers' backyard looked like? Bet more than a few people wished the boys had a recycle bin or an undo button. :lol: We also know for sure that some of the old masters painted over canvases. Maybe they weren't happy with it & didn't have an undo button?

We all more or less have the same access to all of the elements in the world but few are true alchemists, healers, powder monkeys (were is my head at his morning :lol: ) etc. It is being brave enough with a good smattering of previous lessons learnt & prior knowledge, that makes their works so valuable. Oh, & a lot of places to hide the bodies & stuff ups. :lol::music::P

Ever noticed how men can sum up a paragraph in a few words? Welshy said "with a lot of luck". I needed an entire paragraph :roll:

Welshy, I love this piece & I have to look hard to see how the cartoon fits into it but yes, I got there. I love this piece, the scratches & gouges & the glow part. Dark & sinister, what made these marks? I am afraid to look behind me...its a Stephen King of images. Love the entire series you did with these. You've got a great eye too.

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@ Goon', Helen, Sperber, BarbieQ' and FrontCannon ...

Many thanks to you all for your separate words of encouragement.

Any images made are all thanks to the power of PDN. If I can do it - anyone can.

@ Barbie' ... I wear the trousers in my house - my wife just tells me what sort :lol:

I keep telling myself women have 2 legs for a reason ... to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom

- but I'm kidding myself. The fairer sex is the much more powerful


on that vein - 2 wallpapers commisioned by a friend

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@ Goon, Barbie', Aislin and Helen ... glad you guys enjoyed them :)

@ Helen ... the glowing is a bit more luck than judgement ;)

@ Aislin ... cool. I'll check the tut out. I want to do a portrait of my wife in this style :)


Brassic ... experimenting after seeing a thread about Steampunk on another forum.

Nowhere near being Steampunk, the aim was to try an 'make' brass ... but I still like it :lol:

Edited by welshblue
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Maybe I sound crazy, but it kinda looks like bamboo sticks on a wooden floor or something... lol... I love it :) Makes me feel like sitting in the shadow of a Tropical island.... hmm maybe I have too much imagionation!

I love the textures the lightning and the shadowing, great job!

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@ Barbie', Aislin, Red' and Helen ... thanks guys ;)

@ Aislin ... hmmmm bamboo. Possibly possible, I'll have to experiment

@ Red' ... BlueDreams is still one of my all time faves too. Sadly not all PDN, the face came from Sculptris

@ Barbie' ... I fffink I've found better brass, it may be shown the light of day if I can finish off my steampunk media player :/


2 more texture inspired images on page 1. All from the same starting image. The versatility of PDN is still amazing me almost 4 years later ...

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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