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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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Many thanks Helen, Soka', csm' and BarbieQ.

As always, very much appreciated.

Not sure there's room for a toolbox csm ... there's another 8 parts I didn't have room for. (This wasn't the image I wanted to upload to PB or dA :lol: A bit confusing when you've got 12 different version on the go ...)

Thanks for the input folks

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quote ; " On the subject of a kitchen appliance ... I'm rubbish @ portraits, so I can't draw my wife ...

(If she ever reads that, I am soooo Dead !!)"

OMG. you cheeky :bug:

how many bones did you say you had left that haven't yet been broken???'

..then again.. maybe "pain" is your thing!! :Cut:

(whatever floats your boat as they say) :Warning:

regards j.d.

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As i said on Fans: WOW! aside from the beautiful work the power of the message was the first thing that struck me.

Internet dating - the flip side...obsessions...stalkers...all the dark & evil side of it. Agreed on the poster!

You certainly conveyed the message most powerfully. Well done!

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Thanks Barbie' ... yep, like every thing good, more often than not there is a darker side. A bit like people really. We've all got that darkness inside us ... just takes the wrong trigger sometimes.

Many thanks for your support ... 3 comments on the same piece is above the call of friendship ;)

Don't ever feel obliged to comment here ...

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I comment because I want to...I wanted people to see the work & the feelings that it invoked in me.

At the moment I feel dark & angry - someone squeezed the trigger good. We all have days like that or people that do that to us. Usually I am quite calm & cheerful.

I think for me the work invoked such feelings because of the type of work I am doing at the moment. Less recently, I have written some articles for the Neighbourhood Watch on the dangers of the Internet for children in particular. Adults too are not immune.

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That one is just downright creepy, welshblue. I hope this is not based on personal experience :/

It has the vibe of a horror movie poster, and the hand is just great. A little blood on the scratches would make sense, though, as I do not think it is easy to scratch such thick wood with only your finger nails. Another little mismatch for me is the font, it looks too 'strong' for such a dark and creepy theme, something more twisted like the Harry Potter font would fit better imo.

Great image as always!

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Thanks Frontcannon

... personal experience ?? Nothing that was ever held up in a court of law ... :devlish: (Joke)

Good call on the blood on the scratches. Never thought of that.

And yep the font. I was picked up on that on dA - I'll have to find a suitable one for the next version

Edited by welshblue
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@ Possum' ... I'm the same with forums, head like a sieve. Although I've struggled to get onto Fans this past few days, and when I do, it's laggy as hell. So I haven't stayed.

Hopefully I can catch up with the great work there this week.

Thanks mate, I'm glad you enjoyed Precious

That's like a line in a Thomas Dolby tune, My Brain is like a sieve. Wonderful tune.

Internet dating, yeah, I've been on a date or two like that one. I always seemed to draw the crazy ones. Not crazy in a good way either. =O

Man that is a first rate image. That really should be an album cover. Seriously !

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  • 2 weeks later...

@ Sarkut, barbieQ' and Possum' ... many thanks

New doodle after a week off from t'internet and PDN.

Not my most intricate, but very soothing to make.

One or 2 longer, more detailed projects to be posted wherever the mood takes me in the next few days

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@ J.D. ... thanks.

I should have said ... allegedly in the text. I'm far too strait-laced to have ever tried anything like that ...

<whistling innocently smilie> ;)

@ barbieQ' ... thanks. It's weird how some of us can be working on similar styles at the same time. It's happened too often to be coincidence ... the camera does live :P

@ Goon' ... thanks mate. Funny you should say that, a bit of playing around, some more layers and blend modes and by making it just the one colour, it gives a passable crumpled silk or satin look. When I've got the time and inclination I may knock up a tut for it


Psycho Killer inpired by the excellent Talking Heads ... Page 1

A timeless classic with one of the best intros I've ever heard

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Welshy I am amazed that you can recall what you did to create the image. Layer blend modes can be so rewarding to work with. I've been using the lightning plugin a lot & using various blend modes but I can never recall what I did & I don't write it down because I change it too much.

Psycho Killer is a great image. Love the scalpel, esp the curve on the blade. It is very realistic. The way you did the blood is fantastic! If a blade runs through flesh fast there is usually no or very little blood. The slash looks like it was done fast. Therefore no blood is required on the blade. At least that is my take on it.

Chilling image & well done!

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@ BarbieQ' ... many thanks, as always.

The texture was a result of trying and trying to make the effect the simplest and quickest way. Loads of abortions before that one was born :/

Most textures I can't replicate exactly ... especially the wood ones. But it's good fun building to my wood catalogue

Psycho Killer ... a bit of the sub-conscious creeping in there, in trepidation of seeing yet another surgeon next month ? Who knows how my head works ...

Glad you liked it :D

@ Possum' ... thanks mate.

I'm thinking of making a tut of the scalpel, but not sure if it'll cut it ... :lol: :lol:

(Shouldn't lafff at my own jokes I know )

You and me both mate, you 'n' me both

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Me too...

Now, the catalogue bit - that has me thinking. Like our own stock images - brilliant idea. Must start to do that rather than trying to find the texture etc in an earlier image.

It saves a lot of time when you want to re-use a texture, or to modify one for a different look.

I was like you and used to trawl through loads of PDN files searching for one I wanted to use again. Now it's a case of a couple of mouse clicks to find either a texture or shape I've made.

Tidying up the PC I realised I've approx' 20 unpublished wood, stone and metal textures.

Now I've just got to find some inspiration to use them. Or give them away like I did with the wood last Christmas ?

Totally stuck for ideas of something to make.

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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