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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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Thanks everyone, the comments are appreciated and go a long way after all the work involved and help to cancel out the doubters who say it's not possible to make it entirely from Paint.Net. ( But why the hell can't they post their accusations in here ? :roll:)

Well it is ... think outside the box, ffs.

@ csm' ... yep I watched the match mate ... Man Utd out, Arsenal out, Liverpool out ... a good chance Chelsea will be reatining the F.A. Cup ( I just know those words are going to come back and haunt me ...) BTW ... I haven't had time to do those mini-tuts so I'll send you a lil' goody bag of textures :wink:

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most likely Welsh the comments are coming from some of the ones that don't give any effort. I've solved a bit of that nonsense by posting wip shots in my gallery, but still there are some real moron's that don't take the time to look and study the images.

you'll find by tracking the blighters posts on the forum they will tend to be the same group that belong to the gimmie gimmie crowd. When you do give the time to walk someone thru the many steps required they shoot back some smart mouthed comment about it's too long and difficult. "Duh" but never an apology for doubting and the accusations.

Being on the receiving end of many of your tips how to improve my images, and the greatful receipent of many a pdn file from you, I know all of this is absolutlely done in paint.net.

besides if they had read the little line under the image. I did the grass and sent you the pdn. They would have seen the wip shots in my gallery if they had taken 5 mins to check before sending off a nasty comment to you. Also if they had read the bit under your last stone picture they would have known what was required to make the stones. Perhaps also if they knew we have another group where we share the methods of making certain textures and improving the images they would not be so inclined to be such total jerks.

ciao OMA

PS I was going to private message all this above to you but think it needs to be brought out in the open I'd advise just printscreen the pm's and put it here for all to read. Let them be judged by their peers for the total nasty personalities they are. Next one I receive I'm posting in my gallery!.

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Thanks oma ... you're one top lady, and you speak a lot of sense :wink:

To be honest, I've had enough of the narrow mindedness of people who never seem to produce anything of substance themselves, being quick to slag off something that's taken hours, hundreds of layers and a lot of thought to make the most of the wonderful plug-ins available to us; so I'm going to take a few days off from the whole thing and have a ponder whether I'll carry on posting my work here ... lets be honest, it'll save the Fanatics having to repeat themselves.

I'll still pop in to check on some of the great stuff created :wink:

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No, welsh, you better not leave! What would PdN be without your amazing textures?

And I agree with what Kemaru said, the idiots who post those comments couldn't make things like you do in a million years, so just enjoy their idiocy and keep it up.


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@ chrisco97 ... thanks.

Yep the pistol was made with PDN ... in fact, after a quick count there are only 5 stock images used in all the categories on the 1st page, and most of them will be upgraded to be 100% Paint.Net when I re-make them

Sometimes photos have been used for reference but never traced.

A tut for the revolver ? If I remember correctly it would be over 70 layers to re-create that ... but here's a few pointers

Hidden Content:

@ Kemaru ... thanks man. Oma takes credit for the grass - I just motion blurred it and Chad's concrete texture makes up 50 % of the stone texture :wink:

Thankfully I don't get as many vitriolic pm's as I did when I first started getting proficient with PDN and attempting harder and harder realistic stuff ... but like Oma, the next one will be screen printed and posted here for everyone to make their own minds up.

@ csm' ... thanks mate, but I doubt I'd ever leave here, mainly because others have helped me so much, it's only right to give a bit back; half the trouble now is that some of my stuff is so complicated tuts' are nigh on impossible so I get accused of not sharing. (But if I worked it out ... others definitely can)

I'll just guesstimate which image may get a favourable reaction here, and post those that won't, on the Fanatics site

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Day Tripping is mind blowing and the wanted poster with the revolver is stunning .. As for the losers who keep whining about your work I say screw them , bunch of cowards who hide behind private messages :x I enjoy each and every piece you share with us and I appreciate all the time and effort you've put in to do so , keep up the great creations :mrgreen: :AddNoise:

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I see a few pinks in your image. :lol: I love how this image looks so crisp and colorful and....and...well, all the other synonyms that mean "beautiful" describe these flowers. Wow! I also love how you have a flower that hasn't opened yet. I love the idea. Magnificent work, welshblue. Superb work!!! :shock: :!: :!: :!:

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@ Helen ... :lol::lol: Yep, a few shades of pink :wink: I'm beginning to quite like it ... and thanks

@ Oma ... thanks, the explanation marks say it all :wink:

@ Soka' ... thanks. I've never really seen a corsage, it was the first name that came to mind :wink:

@ Janettsue ... thanks, I forgot to mention that the original 'flower' was inspired by your recent work posted :wink:

Taking a break from the landscape WIP, a messing around with the Corsage image and trying to get Tammy Wynnette out of my head ...



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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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