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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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I prefer your card over "professional" card makers. :wink:

I second that Helen, our little group has produced some lovely cards this year. It has certainly put me in the Christmas spirit this year more than I have been for a long time. I feel so blessed to have met you all here. Welshblue, again, a very beautiful card. A wonderful way to celebrate this holiday season.

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Thanks everyone. Not my best ... but the sincere thoughts are there :wink:

@ GW_14 ... thanks mate :wink:

Killing time whilst I transfered some vinyl albums to pc (should be fun when I get to the punk era ... the Pistols and Sham69 could be a challenge :twisted: )

Teardrop Explodes


Pretty in Pink


I like this one only because Point Warp could be a good way to get realistic plant growth - as in fresh shoots

Playing around trying a get a better rust texture

Lost Cities


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Welsh left message about those great abstracts on the other forum. but wanted to just say again #3 is an absolute keeper!

its the textures.! This image is about reach out from the screen and grab you. give you a little shake and then retreat. very aptly named.

ciao OMA

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Thanks everyone ... no time for detailed personal thanks (rushing around to see people you only bother with at Xmas ... what's that about ?), but as always, much appreciated. Diolch.

Kick The Trees And Run Away


WoodCutters Son


both all PDN ... including the background

Merry Christmas to everyone and may you all have an exceptional 2010

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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