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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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@lynxster4 @Pixey @LionsDragon @Drydareelin @barbieq25 @Seerose @Woodsy @Beta0


.... thanks guys.  Kind words, and really appreciated.  Not sure why I do space scenes as they're not something I know a lot about, and really struggle to get 'life' into them


Giving Up on Pg.1


A bit of a therapy piece.  After having a few 'procedures' done this year, my body has rebelled and I've been suffering the Fibro' flare up from hell ... so bad that if I was single I hate to think what I might have done.  Apologies to anyone I haven't replied to by PM but I wasn't up to thinking much, just concentrating on getting through the day without going mad.

Touch wood it's settling now and I can get on with life until the next one.  

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@welshblue I don't know what it's like to live with fibromyalgia, only heard it from the few people I've met that said they have it. But I do hope the best for you. Also, I've seen how much it helps to speak about personal struggles with illness. It's not only  cathartic; it lets others know that they're not alone. It's  a beautiful piece. :)


I like the spacescape. It has plenty of nebula clouds and stars, and a pleasant shine. However, I'm a bit confused. Is that a moon orbiting a larger moon? o.o

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As always you've captured the emotion so well. There is a lot going on in the image. Very nice work with the cobwebs on the text. The butterfly is a bit jaggy on the edges which is fairly appropriate for fibromyalgia unfortunately. Well done with the textures & the colour - gotta love that!


Very sorry to hear that it's been giving you such grief. I sure hope it lets up soon. 


You do the space scenes very well. Love to see more from you.

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<3 @welshblue


I'm so sorry that you have to suffer that way. 

The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown.
Medications, anti-seizure medication and sport and so on... I know, everything does not help.

Your new work shows how you really suffer. Excellent. 
I wish you lots of strengh.

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Firstly thanks to @Pixey for sorting out the broken links in not just my Gallery but also my many tutorials. 

in fact, huge thanks.  Above and beyond and I really appreciate it.


It's been quite a while and for a time I never thought I'd be back here again. But bigger thanks to the wonderful people in the NHS.  Literally do owe them everything.


Many thanks to all those who commented on the fibro' picture  ... it's not a nice condition, in fact it's a total bitch at times - but at least I didn't marry one ... so every cloud and all that .  Onwards and upwards ...


@hippiechos ... many thanks.  Nothing wrong with lurking ... unless it's around public toilets ... some people frown on that ?  Cool sig.


@JRF1 ... thank you.  Where do I get the things in my images ?  99% of the time -  out of my head .  More worrying than it sounds ... 




You Don't  (bring me flowers anymore) on Pg. 1


Randomness inspired after buying my wife flowers ... and her first words were ... "what have you done ?"

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A very nice image @welshblue The Vase, the Flowers and the background too.  Very pretty flowers and obviously not from the discount rack :)  This is joke in our house, as hubby is very parsimonious and, when I see beautiful flowers like yours, I always say, "Those are obviously not from the petrol station."  :lol:

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@HELEN ... just seeing your name and I smile.  The sig is still looking fresh after all this time.  Thanks for the kind words, and I for one know how life impacts - so no apologies necessary.  Just that you look after yourself.

@Seerose ... Thank you.  Not so sure about the great bit - but I have fun trying to be an artist

@Pixey ... Thank you ... the background is a brush pdnized.  Sometimes being a puritan is too much hard work so got to cheat ?  I'm with your hubby but more tight than parsimonious ... and like I tell her ... I spend months raising flowers from seed - just cut some.  Instead of promoting the carbon footprint that is the cut flower industry. (something like 80% of  roses sold in Britain come from Kenya and Ethiopia)

And who said romance is dead ?

@Ego Eram Reputo ... that :D ... says you may be a man who has suffered the indignity of being wrongly accused.  In fact I had done something - had a nice win on a football accumalator ... and was going to include a meal out ... but postponed it a couple of days.  Just to prove I do wear the trousers - even if she does buy them for me 

@lynxster4 ... Thank you ... not sure I could swing the bat anymore for a home run :P  I think it says something about my personality that I like dark and moody ... although I think my wife would say I'm just the latter ...



I saw this PS Tutorial and thought I'd give it a go and do it my own way.  Stock Orange Can ... paint splashes are brushes

The rest PDN.  Pretty happy with how it turned out with a lot of blurs trying out the new Beta version






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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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