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~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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@lynxster4 @LionsDragon @Seerose @Pixey ... many thanks.  Glad you enjoyed it ... it was a bit of a lesson in not using 3rd party plugins.  Harder than I thought. And i failed ;)


@Woodsy ... thanks mate.  This isn't the actual album cover i was commissioned for ... hence my wife saying I've got problems when something like this comes out of my head without a brief to work to.  The album cover technically doesn't belong to me so I'll seek permission before posting it.  Almost real ?  Damn I failed :lol:


Tenebrous 2 on Pg.1.  Vinyl courtesy of parts of  @toe_head2001's vinyl tutorial.

I was going to include an 8 Track cartridge (who remembers them ?) but ran out of room.  The text has suffered a lot from being re-sized.  In fact I hadn't realised how much until I put my specs on :roll:


Same credit for models as before.  PlugIns used: Object Align, AA Assistant and Bevel Selection



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12 hours ago, welshblue said:

Not sure if you've enjoyed music until you've used a bic or pencil to rewind a tape after your machine chewed it ...


Or used your pinkie with an unclipped fingernail if there wasn't a bic or pencil laying around.  I remember watching my brother rewind those cassette back in the day.


Speaking of, hot dang, those are slick works.  I cannot see any flaw at all and it looks like those promo on a store display.  That's how impressive it is.

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@Woodsy ... many thanks.  Yeah you're right.  The glint on the cassette is a bit of artistic licence taken too far.  Thanks for pointing it out.  Looking at it all again with fresh eyes a pretty poor job on the 'tape' too


@TrevorOutlaw ... many thanks.  Yep the pinkie was used too ... good times.  


@lynxster4 ... many thanks ... too many mistakes to be a photo ... but then again having seen the photos i take ...


@Seerose ... many thanks.  Maybe it's an age thing but was so much more character to music back then, with the hiss and crackle of vinyl and cassette.  Mp3's aren't the same for me



Flying the Nest on Pg.1.  All PDN except for the eye.


I haven't done an abstract in years, and this was done thinking of my lil' gal who went off into the big wide world on Saturday, starting University.  

I'm not ashamed to admit there's a hole in my life right now




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On 20/09/2017 at 10:22 PM, TrevorOutlaw said:

We are getting old, man


Tell me about it mate ... I'm a grandfather with the mind of an 18 year old ... the clock only stops when, well when it stops and who cares then ...


@LionsDragon ... many thanks, glad you enjoyed it.  I must admit I'm not good with change ... she's having a ball ... I'm just bawling :D


@Seerose ... many thanks, glad you enjoyed The shires too ... UK C & W isn't something that comes along often, but their albums are well worth listening to


@Woodsy ... thanks mate, I enjoy abstracts and they're the ones that sell the most t-shirts ... maybe because people can put their own interpretation to them ?


On 21/09/2017 at 6:39 PM, Pixey said:

you are a 'softie' at heart aren't you


More than a lot of people will ever know. 

The things I've cried at ... music, books and don't tell anyone ... but the first Ice Age when it looked like Diego was dead ... I sobbed my heart out ... is Just an example.

Many thanks as always, it's humbling you've been a fan of my work so long


@lynxster4 ... many thanks ... I enjoy doing emotive pieces, personal to me, that way I can leave a piece of me on the canvas ... and it's great therapy



Unrequited ... born after doing some poster/ graphic work for a Woman's Refuge.  Such important places.  Very humbling to see the strength of the victims, and sad that domestic violence occurs but even more sad that some people who know it's going on sweep it under the carpet as not their problem



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@lynxster4 ... @Seerose ... @LionsDragon ... @Pixey


Many thanks as per usual ...  your support for my work really is appreciated  ... a bit of a taboo subject, and I've ummhed and ahhhed whether it was going to remain unpublished ... but a childhood of seeing/hearing  it first hand, then being kicked out at 18 when I couldn't sit back anymore and let it happen 


I posted it in support of everyone through-out the world ...male as well as female living the life that they deserve better than


My next piece will be more cheerful than the previous 2 :D

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On 01/10/2017 at 12:53 AM, Woodsy said:

I'm just trying to figure out how the text was made


I should have stated it was a photo' manipulation of sorts.

The text came from HERE.  The skull originally from Sculptris (great free programme) that I heavily gave the PDN twist to ... colouring/ shading ... giving extra teeth to etc :lol:




Thanks mate



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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~Alone. A Novel ... ~ 21/09/2020

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