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~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

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Understood - why don't you like it?

The diagonal stripes, the grey shadow behind the text, the 2nd place in a competition text, the telephone kiosk itself ... I just think you're better than that. If that makes me pretentious. I apologise.


Thanks BarbieQ' ... and not a camera insight ... :P

Glad you enjoyed it :D

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Grunge is overwhelming. There are so many complex objects and textures in this image (the cog, the CD, everything else), it really shows the artist's talent and patience.

To create all these great things and then scale them down to fit this composition takes a lot of ..bravery (the other b-word.. not 'family-friendly')?

Much respect, welshblue. You are truly an artist attached to his work.

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Can anyone say Wow !!! Amazing speakers , I was thinking to myself the other day on how incredible your works are and how mediocre mine is , if I could only master paint :roll: I know you use a lot of layers and that's where I always mess up with , anything with more than 5 layers well I get lost , that's why I don't do tutorials anymore I can't seem to follow them , no matter who creates them .. My Gallery here is lost in the abyss , somewhere on page 3 but I haven't updated anything lately .. I have it all at fans ^_^

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Depends on who's posting ;)

This is true ... webavenger or anyone aka'ing will have me reaching for a heavy blunt object ;)

@ FrontCannon ... thank you very much. Those words were very much appreciated.

As for patience ... my own kids and the kids I coach @ Football would have a laugh @ that one. Even I'm admitting lately that I'm fast becoming a grumpy old man.

@ L3Ron ... thanks for the offer of pizza and cookies, d'you know how many calories are in them things :lol: Glad you liked grunge

@ Chrisco' ... thanks mate. Appreciated.

@ Soka' ... thank you. My work isn't so amazing and yours is in no way mediocre. We're just different horses for different courses.

your brush work is phenomenal, the only thing missing from yours is a plug-in to give you a massive dose of self-belief in your work.

Once you've mastered using quite a few layers and play with Blend Modes, you'll see I'm nothing special. Just using a great programme :)

Don't put yourself down. There's always some bar-steward willing to do that, and some who'll give you a kick in the head too .... so BELIEVE.

I'm sure you've sussed by now that I say what I think ... do you really think I'd say all the things I do on Fans about your work if I didn't think it ?


After admiring a car VernDewd made on dA, I came across this Illustrator tut the same day Click and thought hmmm, could I make an entire dashboard for a concept car, from inside my head ...

I also learnt that keeping files really does come in handy for old textures.

Going NoWhere #1 & #2 wip click

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  • 2 weeks later...

Depends on who's posting ;)

Worse yet is when you thought you posted, but didn't. :| So many forums, I don't remember where I commented on the most recent images. (sigh)

Anyways, I just saw this one for the very first time and it blew my eyes out the back of my head. So real !



SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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@ Chrisco' ... thanks mate. It might well end up being the finished thing. I totally screwed up hours and hours of work by merging a lot of layers to see what something was like, saved, then closed PDN without thinking :/

Total Head-Shot moment

@ Ninja ... thank you ... You must be referring to Out of My League ? All PDN except for a bit of the background which was a brush and the base planet which was copied from a reference image. So technically all PDN but couldn't have happened without outside help

A wood tut ? There's a basic one I always use for my starting textures, then I just build and build and build up layers to try and achieve the look I want.

Plus I always use different wood textures added together to make a new one ... so sorry, a tut is nigh on impossible. Well it's possible but it would take up a lot of pages

@ L3Ron ... I'm only counting the calories because I'm middle aged (ish) and don't want to get fat :D

@ BarbieQ' ... thanks. Glad you liked it

@ Possum' ... I'm the same with forums, head like a sieve. Although I've struggled to get onto Fans this past few days, and when I do, it's laggy as hell. So I haven't stayed.

Hopefully I can catch up with the great work there this week.

Thanks mate, I'm glad you enjoyed Precious


It's funny how some things turn out. A play around piece has gone down pretty well on dA ... On page 1

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Thanks Barbie' and Soka', glad it evoked a few of the feelings, of the sentiment behind Insomnia

I'm existing on 2 hours a day sleep. About 4 if I drop a tamaze' ... but then I'm not sure which is worse, lack of sleep or a chemical hangover :/

My docs blaming it on medication ... a great choice, drop down dead from various ailments ... or drive off a cliff 'cos I'm tired :lol:

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Thanks csm' ... much appreciated mate. RE: the galleria, there's a lot of pieces ahead of mine

Thanks J.D ... you can't beat a bit of yeehah music to think by (as long as you hide the razor blades ...)

Music was a big influence in keeping me going this past 24 hours on this latest version of Going Nowhere

MeatLoaf's Bat Out of Hell album ... especially this

... this will always be in my top 10 classic albums

Back on Track pg 1.

Thanks to VernDewd for his PDN brushes for the centre air vent

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Thanks chrisco and Barbie' ... not so much expensive, just a bit of craftmanship gone into it :P

I've been challenged to get as much of an interior as I can into it, definitely a challenge 'cos that version nearly killed my PC.

That version will be on dA

An idea that came into my head for a series of images ...


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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

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