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~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

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Looks a bit like a dance cave in Second Life.... the white thing as dancefloor (hope I don't insult you with that because I think it is really good)

Of course not. Thanks for looking and thanks for commenting :wink:

@ Everyone ... thanks about the rock comments, it's a miish-mash of ideas in trying to find the perfect stone texture ... which must be nigh on impossible for one person, there's so many. The positive feedback must mean I'm on the right track ?

I made this next image after a week of coughing my gutz up and feeling like an elephant stamped on my ribs - wearing stiletoes. Some may get it and it may be too obscure for others, but I had fun making it and that's what counts ?



The off-shoot of the rock texture :?



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@ Chad. Thanks mate ... the whole thing has sort of started growing a bit too manically, my usual getting carried away with the flow. Hopefully it'll be worth the work ?

@ Helen ... thanks. I'm not sure about there always being something neat to see ... but hopefully it's always slightly different :P

@ Aislin ... thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

@ OMA ... thanks. I had to lafff @ what in the world are you tackling now :lol:

I've made all the tools, so I thought I'd start making all the car parts ... should keep me quiet for a few months. I there'll be a few challenges ahead ?

@ Barbie' ... thanks. After doing Chad's tut, I had an eureka moment when I wondered whether I could use it to make pitted metal, it works fine on smaller things

@ Goon' & AFG ... thanks a lot guys, much appreciated and glad you's enjoyed it.

I'm not a big christmas person, but I don't wanna be too much of a scrooge ...

Seasons Greetings


Merry Christmas to all on the boards, and may you all have a fantastic 2010


... Blue 'Til I Die ...

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The "Exhausted" is an amazing piece of work. I had a truck that had a muffler that looked like that, holes and all :lol: Another brilliant adaptation of a technique to achieve an objective for a different use.

Beautiful Christmas card ! It reminds me of a very old book cover, maybe for a collection of traditional Christmas carols. I'm sure everyone in your family will love getting the card this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas good friend !


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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

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