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~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

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On 9/21/2020 at 2:55 PM, welshblue said:

A change of scene now.  More than halfway through an item on my bucketlist - writing a novel.


A dystopian world, where a man has to do whatever is needed to survive.  Running Man meets Surviving The Game, characters based on a lot of people I've known.  Some good.  Some who made your skin crawl being in the same room ... with humour thrown in, and a lot of real life experiences


 I'm thinking of a cover - feedback good and bad appreciated.  Text and the rain about the only things PDN, cityscape and man are 2 different stock images




This. Looks. Awesome--both the book and the cover.


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@LionsDragon ... thanks.  If only the text was as halfway decent as the cover ...

Sorry to hear about your nephew.  Please give him my email address if he ever wants to unload.  Especially in the really dark days when it seems like there's not a lot worth hanging around for.  The pain does go, just gets very tiring if a flare up lasts for months.


@Pixey @lynxster4 ... thanks again ladies.  The plot is a man taken from prison as a pawn in a game.  Competing against others to save their family.

Sort of no hold barred graphic stuff.  


Thanks too to those who repped it.



The things that come to mind when you're sat in a virtual hospital waiting room for an hour and realise you've clicked the wrong link and are in the wrong hospital trust's waiting room.  


Make an image without any outside plugins.  Just stock PDN.  It's difficult (for me at least)  Made with using Align Object once.  Rest stock PDN if you don't count Agif.

The dithering sort of detracts ... 





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... Blue 'Til I Die ...

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  • welshblue changed the title to ~ WelshBlue ~ Sunk ~ 17/10/2020

It's very good @welshblue for 'off-the-cuff'.  I dread to know what we're launching here...

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