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So I'm pretty new to this, started about a week ago.

Most of my things are basically clan banners for gears of war, but I thought that some of them were pretty good, so I figured i might as well share some of the things I did.

P.S: If you can't guess, I'm AiA Fear =) Edit: Left my clan...Lol , I guess i need to make new pictures now haha.


My first try at a waving flag, wasn't too bad althoguh it needs some work.


My signature, which I think is one of my better pictures,it's a modified pyrochild one (The red wavy lines one with evanescene font)


My first ever paint.net creation, I still like it even with it's simplicitity.


This one stills need a bit of work, but I feel like it could be a great picture with a little fixing up.

Please feel free to critique. I'm currently thinking about what my next project will be

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Hello Valentin. Welcome to the forums. Nice gallery with some interesting pictures. I hope to see some more work from you. Have a look around at other peoples gallerys and get some inspiration, hopefully you'll improve your skills. And just some advice download the feather plugin, and make it your best friend.

Hope to see some more work from you.

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