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Move Selected Pixels tools only resizes... does not move

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I'm sure this must be a stupid mistake on my part, but I can't figure out how to move selected pixels with the Move Selected Pixels tool.

Here's what I'm doing:

1. Selecting an area with the Rectangle Select Tool

2. Picking the Move Selected Pixels Tools

3. Left-click dragging the selection somewhere else

When I do those steps, the selection is not moved but stretched. I have tried dragging from within the selection, on the nubs of the selection, and outside the selection. All have have the same effect. I have tried doing it on background and non-background layers.

Paint.NET v 3.31

Windows XP

What am I doing wrong? Surely there is a simple way to move a selection of pixels without changing its size.

(Didn't know whether to put this in Toubleshooting or How-To's section. I've read several tutorials, and all of them tell me to do what I am doing.)

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