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Enhanced Color balancing problem!

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Could you post an example image?

If not, then you could try making the image black and white (Ctrl+Shift+G) then on a new layer, fill it with a darker colour than you want the end image to look like, then set the blend mode to overlay.

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Open one of your images.

Set your primary color to #FBB863.

Select the magic wand tool.

Set the tolerance to 0.

Shift-Click on a pixel of color #A7FF00 in your image.

Press the backspace key.

Open your other image and repeat this process for a pixel of color #02FFFF.

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naah, Sorry forgot to say, thats not only one color to swich..

I'll post my example:


These are my source images.

And I want to try to recolor both to:


How do i do that?

If I use BB's way, I won't get the arrow orange, too.

If I use LFC4EVER way, its all the same color, but I do not want this.

I need something like "Hue / Saturation", I think.

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