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Facebook "page"...

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...there isn't one. As opposed to the small unofficial "groups" that have sprung up.

Inkscape has a fledgling one here. Firefox and OpenOffice have 'em too.

I know I'd join up to a Paint.NET page in order to spread the word, as I've also become a "fan" of OpenOffice and Firefox, sad as that may be. :-)

I'm sure there'd be a fair few from here that'd put their name to it too.

Any chance of this being initiated from "up on high"?

Sorry if this should have gone in the "spotted" thread.

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nan I think this is more off topic then spotted.

Better question is why would you need a facebook page. It's a program not a person. As for people posting on funwalls and what not, I don't see a point of it other then to comfuse people. Think about it, people use the forums here to communicate to each other. Now if people are talking on both the forums and facebook then we going to have mixed up communications and I not sure about others but it bad enough going through the pages of the off topic thread let alone have to jump from website to website.

Sorry that just my out look on it.

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