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My Rainbow Sig Tut - By Request


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Snogry: Have you actually clicked on the canvas bit to "paint" the brush? You need to press "OK" after that, then do the ctrl+shift+i. I had problems with that, until I read the tut again and again :lol:

If that's not your problem, no idea, sorry!

Thanks for the great tut :D

Some of mine:


Messing with various colours and distortions:



Loving Learning!


My deviantART page

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This tut is way too simplistic and you don't need any of those plugins.

You're only using the brush for a dab so you could just take the thumb from abr viewer and paste it in. The colour effect can be done by making a new layer, setting it to overlay, (I think it's overlay. Could be multiply. Play around with blend modes.) draw some colours and blur it.

EDIT: Oops, I didn't realize I was in the newbie zone. Sorry bout that but my point stands. This is a bad approach to the effect.

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I can't download the plugins:


It says 404 error when it leads me to Forumers. I look forward for some help please.

That's because those links point to the old forum. Try these:

Custom Brushes Mini

Conditional Hue / Saturation


Color Filter

Edit: updated the links in the first post

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I've included both links in the original post. Thanks for tracking them down for me Welshblue.

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here is my go at it:


now i just gotta figure out how to actually set it as my sig... after i finished with this tutorial i made a new layer for the text and did a default settings glow to it then used vignette(with default settings) and did some smudging on the original layer(the layer b4 doing the text)

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