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My Rainbow Sig Tut - By Request


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Here's mine, The only way I changed your's is instead of the custom brush, I used the Splatter Plugin. And I didn't crop it.


the Definition of "rebel"

1. take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance

2. insurgent

3. maverick

4. break with established customs


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Promising work everybody! I'm glad that you all played around with the effects and produced something different each. Well done!

How do you download the brushes? It won't let me ;_;

Can you expand on "it won't let me"? What happens when you try to download?

I've worked through the tutorial fine, it's an awesome result, but how do you get the brush size 500, mine only goes up to 250. :?

This is most likely a problem with the Custom Brushes plugin. Try downloading and installing the latest version (v3.9). If the problem still occurs, then post more information on your problem in the Custom Brushes plugin thread.

Merry Christmas


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I love the tut but i keep trying to get the rainbow and i set the condition hue at the settings you have and nothing happened then i played with it a bit and i still get no color, i think i am doing something wrong.

EDIT: oooh i seemed to have figured it out i was on inner glow instead of rainbow.


i might have to play with the glow a bit because it seems rather bright.

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