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This is me!

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I've been here for over a year, yet only posted 3 times. I lurk here a lot, and its fun lurking!

So, this is me:

Name: Menachem

Perferred name: Maron

Occupation: Brickfilmer. A brickfilmer is soemoe make stop motion aniamted lego movies by taking a photo of a lego guy, moving the guy a drop and taking another photo. (This is the very same techniche used for making the popular Wallae & Gromit series!)

Some of my work can be found here

Age: 12

I have used a forum before, mainly brickfilms.com and brickfilmers.com

I know not to double post, bump etc. I even wrote a Guide to submitting posts

I have used paint.net a lot, and like it a lot.

I hope to have fun here, and BTW, its my anniversary here on this forum in a few days! :P

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