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Is there a softening brush?

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Is there a brush that you can choose, to soften lines and highly contrasted areas, so that they look more natural?

a brush that will just do a round area where you move the mouse, that is size variable.

I have used this type of feature on another paintshop type software.

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Hello Jellyboots.

Assuming you have had no luck with the standard brush tool of Paint.NET, then might I direct you to the Custom Brushes plugin by sabrown100 found here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23093

This plugin allows you to use pre-created brushes (from users on these here Forums) or ones that you have produced yourself. So if you're not entirely happy with the current ones, or one is close to your desired result but could do with some tweaking, you can quite easily modify a PNG image and use that. Some users have even found a way of using Photoshop and GIMP brushes to the same effect.

Have a gander at it and see how it works out for you.

There may be other ways to do as you wish, but when you start talking about brushes, and the effect you are trying to achieve - that you have accomplished with brushes before - the above plugin came instantly to mind.

EDIT: confounded! Beaten by the plugin author himself ;).

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I believe Jellyboots means blur brush.

There is an easier way:

Duplicate the layer, blur the top one to the extent you want the blur brush to act, move the top layer down, then select the top layer and use the eraser tool as a blur brush.

that works too, sabrown.31.gif1.gif

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Or there is the near perfect results, yet very complicated way of doing this. I wont get into much detail as it is tutorial worthy, however I will not write it if there is no want for it.

Go ahead - i'm sure many people will find this useful, especially in photo editing.

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