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how do i use the recolor tool

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Hi I'm new to paint.net.

I'm trying to use the recolor tool on a bitmap image (of a form), selected primary color, secondary color (to be replaced), selected the recolor tool, left click on image and nothing happens - any suggestions?



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I have also a hard time figuring out what the purpose of this tool is :oops: - ie. one might as well just use a brush and then pick a new color from the palette, however, i can see that it is possible to transform the re-color tool into the color picker tool, which saves a few selections in the toolbox (read: less clicking on the mouse), so i'll guess it's just a matter of getting used to using the tool.

btw, I think you made a good short explanation on how to use the tool :)

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Here's something for you to test so you can better understand this tool.

Keep primary color Black & secondary color white.

On a white background type some black colored texts.

Select recolor tool.

Right click on black colored texts.

See what happens.

I have been fighting with the 'recolor' tool for a long time.

I just found the above exercise and tried it. I doesn't work for me. No change. Left button or right button.

If I hold the left button and drag it, I get a black line.

The 'help' page for Recolor is worthless.....

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Necroposting galore. Three months is the limit before the topic is classified as 'dead', this has been over eight month.

Thank you for your input, Techineer, but don't forget the Rules (in this case, [rule=11]Rule #11[/rule]).

I believe I've responded to you in the other topic you posted in.

Topic locked

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