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Editable Text v1.0 STABLE

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It seems like you're only using the B channel instead of all R, G, and B.

I guess I should look at that - I probably based the whole encoding on the index data - which would need to have a higher range.

Why is the alpha set to 2 instead of 0?

Unnecessary on second-thought - it is basically how the application determine whether a pixel was a code pixel when the pixels were placed in random positions on the vertical axis.

I get a weird dark border with light colored text.

I have no idea how to solve that - my plugin simply passes the size value to the new Font() method.

As I have said, this plugin is still in beta and I will fix those issues when I have time.

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Simon: like your plug-in, makes PDN a lot more useful, BUT

why does there seem to be a limit on the number of characters allowed in the text buffer of EditableText ?

The limit seems to be about 150 characters.

Is there any way to increase this ?

BTW what is the most recent version ?

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Thanks! I've recently developed an interest in captioned images. This tool looks like it could be a bit more useful than Paint.NET's native text tool, at least as far as fixing errors discovered after having moved on to something else. There is one glaring omission though. There's no 'center' or 'right' alignment option that I saw. Could this be added?

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