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How do you do a side by side picture with different pics?

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Hi - I got a new computer and lost my original Paint program. I've uploaded the current version today and cannot figure it out. It's sooooo different. :(

I need to combine two different pics side by side. Before, I would just open both in the same window and move them around. Simple. I can't seem to do that anymore.

Thanks so much.

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It works best if they're the same size.

Open one of the images in Paint.NET.

Then change the secondary color to fully transparent.

Then, click on 'Image > Canvas Size' and set it to the full width you would need {example: (2) 500x500 pixel images, set canvas size to 1000x500}

Set your anchor point on the canvas size UI to either left or right.

Then the first image would be on a layer by itself on either the left or right side. Then click 'Layers > Import from file' and open your 2nd image.

It will open on a layer by itself in your project.

Then click 'Layers > Flip Horizontal' to flip it to the opposite edge, or alternatively, use the 'Effects > Distort > Panelling' plugin to move it to the other side.

Then Merge your layers and you will have them both on one layer...

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Then change the secondary color to fully transparent.

What does this do?

Well, if the images are the same size, in the end, it does nothing.

But if the images are different sizes, in the end, the background of the layer will be transparent instead of your secondary color. It's my own personal choice that I willed upon the requestor :)

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