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Error - 'The application failed to initialize properly'

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Hello Dalian, welcome to the forums.

Does this error appear every time you attempt to use Paint.NET or just once?

Have you just installed Paint.NET for the first time and it has never worked before?

Did this error appear immediately after upgrading Paint.NET to a new version?

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I will try to be short on this as I am on my Linux server and the keyboard is shot.

Your OS is Vista or XP ? I ask as error code 0xc000007b is all over the web for Vista. There reports of a Worm called WORM_KLEZ.E going around causing this error for many programs. There reports that Vista gives this error if it has a conflict with the anti-virus program installed.

I suggest updating and running your anti-virus software to insure it not the Worm. If no luck on that, I would repair .NET Framework to see if that works. You can also try a Paint.NET repair.

Good luck, :wink:


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I re-install Paint.NET and .NET Framework.After that Paint.NEt work normally.

Thank you for attention guys.

Good to hear. However if you never did the anti-virus check then you really should. If the problem did happen because of that Worm then it only going to happen again and to other programs as well. So it better to be safe then sorry.

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