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Found 1 result

  1. Name: TileWorld Description: Tiles square regions of a loaded image onto the active layer using a point & click interface. Keywords: Tile | game | map Menu: Render Original release date: 22 January 2017 .dll name: TileWorld.dll Compatibility: Tested on Pdn 4.0.13 Righto. Nice easy plugin this one Load an image to use as a tile set. TileWorld divides it up into square regions which can be placed individually onto the active layer. Left click sets the active tile in place. Right click removes the tile under the mouse. Many thanks to my Beta testers @BoltBait, @Red ochre & @toe_head2001 Examples: Top of everybody's list - a BoltBait themed crossword! Yay! Create your own chessboard... How about a sudoku? Recreate the Red Ochre family plumbing! Or recreate your own little corner of the world.... Thanks to @Eli we have a slew of new options when pasting tiles. These transformations are shown on the active (semi transparent) tile when the mouse is in the tiling pane. Click the mouse wheel = rotate the active tile by 90 degrees clockwise. Mouse wheel up = flip top to bottom Mouse wheel down = flip left to right These options make it possible to quickly create new tile orientations on the fly. This plugin is found in my Plugin Pack:
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